Things Overheard at the Paper Shop August 07 2017

After a few years of working in such a fun place, doing the same thing day in and day out, you have a tendency to get ... punchy once in a while.  You also have many an opportunity to overheard, be part of or totally misinterpret conversations.  Here are just a few that made us chuckle.

Us - "What is your preference? ALStar or Safari?"
Guest - "Safari".
Us - "Why"? Is it the weight? The thickness of the grip"?
Guest - "NO!" "It's because I can chew the cap!"

"You seem like a fine nib girl".

"That ink lays so well on paper, kind of like melted butter on a tablecloth".

"I am looking for ink that is thick. Like really thick. Chocolatey colour. Like runny nutella".

Guest holding a black blank notebook in hand - "Do you sell notebooks"? Not like this one, but like this one only reversed"?

Guest discussing being a NEW penpal - "If I had a dollar for every time someone mailed me a nice letter, I would have 1 buck".

"No one appreciates nor can identify fine writing paper. What is the problem? Why is this not taught is school"?

Guest - "I am looking for waterproof decorative paper"? Kind of with a plastic coating".
Us - "What is your use for it"? Sounds like an interesting project".
Guest - "My kids hamster cage is ugly. I want to put it in the bottom of the cage".

Guest Standing in front of greeting card rack - "Do you sell greeting cards"?

Guest 1 - "Bad food choices. Not going to bed early enough. Late night deadlines. It has all contributed to my cycladic rythum being all messed up".
Guest 2 - "Oh, is that what that's called! Yea, I need to get me one of those".

"Lined paper is so 2012. Dot grid is the new black"!

"I'm disappointed that they never actually told me how to get to Sesame Street".

Guest - "I hate you guys & love you at the same time. Really, I love you & the shop. It's my husbands wallet that hates you".

Guest passing with friends going for dinner - "Oh my god. Go on without me, I don't need to eat. In fact, (looking at Us) do you have an adoption program"?

4 groomsmen enter - "Quick, you need to save us ... where are your wedding cards & pens"?

Guest - "Paper is for a 1st Anniversary, right"?
Us - "Yes it is".
Guest - "Great! How is this card"? (holding out a sympathy card)

Guest - "Now that I'm a student, I need elephant shaped paper clips".

Guest - "Once or twice seems about right. My life goals include a equal distribution of cake".




The Blackwing Pencil December 15 2015

As a curated stationery shop, we have an opportunity to hand pick all of our products. We also bring in what we can upon request. One of the requests was for the Blackwing series of pencils from Palomino and with pleasure, we have them in stock. Available individually and in full boxes.

We also stock the Blackwing Limited Editions, but only while they last.
- Limited Edition Chuck Jones (of Looney Tunes fame) available (only 5000 boxes were produced).
- Limited Edition 211 in honour of John Muir.
- Limited Edition 1138. The most unique to date.

For everyone at Soul Paper, having Blackwing in the store is a bit of nostalgia, as we all have been using them since our days in grade school, college or in our previous careers. The fact is, before the store opened, we had been ordering them online and using them sparingly. They are a staple in our personal studios and still dear to our hearts. And as soon as you pick one up, you remember something from your past, because they are so familiar.

Happy Mail August 22 2015

We keep referring to Happy Mail in the shop and whenever we are about town.  And even though we don't get a chance as often as we would like to practice what we preach, we still believe in it and promote it.  We are passionate about the written word and sharing with those we love, hand written notes, cards, letters and journaling always created with the care and attention they deserves.  Old school writing.  It means something.

Let me back-up.  Do you know what Happy Mail is?  You definitely know what Un-Happy Mail is.  Un-Happy is when you go to your mailbox and what is it you typically receive?  Bills. Flyers. Notices.  Paper like this usually doesn't really make you feel that great. This is Un-Happy Mail.

But every so often, and truly not often enough, we receive a card or even better, a letter.  It may be for a birthday, or it may be just because.  It may be from Mom or Grandma, or a long lost cousin or even an acquaintance.  And it makes us feel special.  It makes us feel loved. It means something.  It has substance.  This is Happy Mail. 

If I was to send you an email on your birthday, I guarantee, it will be deleted soon after the day. Because, technology has stripped us of our human connection to each other.  And yet, if I was to send you a card or letter, snail mailed to your postbox, I can guarantee, you would keep it longer than that email and you would read it more than once.  I can also guarantee, that it will touch your heart, even your soul.  This is the power of paper and pen.  This is the connection we are loosing touch with.  This is what a lot of us are looking for or missing.

This past week, Susan had the wonderful opportunity to speak with CKOM Talk Radio about the writing revolution we are experiencing.  Here is the radio interview Happy Mail


Thank you again Rawlco Radio Team & CKOM News Radio!


INK - Written by Hand (#INKdoc) August 11 2015

In the not so distant past, connections of the heart and soul were made through the simple use of pen and paper.  Business was conducted in these mediums too. We as humans went blissfully along accepting the new technological age not understanding the loss that has occurred, by simply trading pen and paper, for keyboard and screen.  There is an entire generation, if not soon to be two, which are lost to the world of handwriting.

A film by Ryan Couldrey delves into the writing renaissance that is upon us and features the incredible work of Tanja Tiziana.

Please, take a 7 minute break, follow the link below, and watch this truly incredible film.

Long Hot Summer August 03 2015

When we say long hot summer around the shop, it is usually with the rolling of eyes and a tongue firmly planted in a cheek.  We don't really have air conditioning, but we do.  The building as old as it is (built in 1910) has quite a lot of charm, but not the most efficient of cooling systems. So the little air conditioning unit we installed to provide some relief is doing a sufficient job.  It's the little engine that might ... depending on the temperature outside.

When we say long hot summer around the shop, it sometimes means the extra-long hours we are putting in receiving our summer, fall and now Christmas stock.  Yes.  Christmas in July.  We set a standard, almost a year ago, to keep the shop ever changing with new products.  To this promise, we are delivering.  Sometimes Daily.  The ladies in the shop really have their work cut-out for them.

The term "Long hot summer", is also used when we talk about our progress on construction. The long days and late nights working on the storeroom, workshop and office have taken its toll on all of us.  Especially when the little air conditioner that might, decides to not.  So yes, through shear tenacity, stubbornness and determination, the construction will be completed soon (thank you Mr. Contractor - we are tired of dust) and programs will be posted shortly.

But really when we say long hot summer, we smile and feel light of heart.  Because of YOU.  Even in the warmth of the old building, surrounded by great new stationery, while fanning ourselves with that brilliant birthday card, you stop in to say hello and linger to talk about the lake or that party you are going to. You stop, for a minute, to ask what's new. You stop. To breathe and share your time with us.  And that is why; it's a long hot summer.  That is why we do it.  For Community. That's You.

Thank you all for an incredible summer!

We Are Open! August 31 2014

Soul Paper is Open!!  We are so excited to finally be able to share all the great products we found.  We have imported some exquisite stationery writing sets, journals and paper from Italy.  We also have a wonderful line of notebooks and notecards from England.  We have brought in some different cards, some from artists who design, illustrate and print their own.  We also have a selection of art journaling and mixed media supplies. So drop in and say hi, we would love to help you find something that touches your soul or the soul of someone you love.