COVID-19 March 18 2020


Soul Paper is taking the COVID-19 situation very seriously.
We value and respect each persons health and well-being.
In our shop, the safety of our community, team
and family are our number one priority.
We want to assure you that we are following the
monitoring and precautionary guidelines set out by
as well as and the Saskatchewan Health Authority
Although things may change, 
Soul Paper is now TEMPORARILY CLOSED to the public.
We want to thank those who have come by the shop to support us.
We are grateful.
Many have told us that they come because
we are a gentle place to decompress and find relief
from the shopping chaos around the the city.
We are humbled.
We love our community!  Please stay in touch via social media.
If you are sick, for the safety of everyone, please take care of yourself,
stay home, call 811 and self-isolate.
If you are reading this and find yourself still pinning for stationery products,
we have some solutions to support you during this stressful time;
As an alternate to coming in the shop, ORDER via email at
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We will then make a time for you to come by for pickup. Or;
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If you have any questions,
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Be Safe.  Stay Healthy.  And Stay in Touch.
Love Soul Paper

Autumn's Arrival September 13 2019

One of the perks of learning a new craft or skill in the fall is that it provides you with a new hobby to explore on cold winter nights or weekends.

Happy Mail April 21 2019

We keep referring to Happy Mail in the shop and whenever we are about town.  And even though we don't get a chance as often as we would like to practice what we preach, we still believe in it and promote it.  We are passionate about the written word and sharing with those we love, hand written notes, cards, letters and journaling always created with the care and attention they deserves.  Old school writing.  It means something.

Let me back-up.  Do you know what Happy Mail is?  You definitely know what Un-Happy Mail is.  Un-Happy is when you go to your mailbox and what is it you typically receive?  Bills. Flyers. Notices.  Paper like this usually doesn't really make you feel that great. This is Un-Happy Mail.

But every so often, and truly not often enough, we receive a card or even better, a letter.  It may be for a birthday, or it may be just because.  It may be from Mom or Grandma, or a long lost cousin or even an acquaintance.  And it makes us feel special.  It makes us feel loved. It means something.  It has substance.  This is Happy Mail. 

If I was to send you an email on your birthday, I guarantee, it will be deleted soon after the day. Because, technology has stripped us of our human connection to each other.  And yet, if I was to send you a card or letter, snail mailed to your postbox, I can guarantee, you would keep it longer than that email and you would read it more than once.  I can also guarantee, that it will touch your heart, even your soul.  This is the power of paper and pen.  This is the connection we are loosing touch with.  This is what a lot of us are looking for or missing.


Remembrance Day - The Poppies in the Window November 08 2017

1956 was the year that my father, my mother and oldest sister escaped from Hungary. It was the year that my father's remaining family, but one sibling, were lost during the Hungarian Revolution. And it is also the year, my father's entire squad was executed by the invading Soviets. Should he have stayed, he would have been one of the first killed. He would have been killed, like thousands of others, if it wasn't for an Austrian soldier, patrolling the other side of the fence, along the Austrian border that night.  Warning of the on-coming onslaught of the Soviet war caravans that were on route to my families home town.

Yes, my father was a deserter. But he was also one of the many heroes. 
My father lived the horrors of WW2 as a young child in the trenches with soldiers.  By day, when the Allies bombed and in the fields at night, scavanging for food for the family, when the Nazi's bombed, he lived enough war.  And yet, here he was, in the infantry now, through conscription. 1956. Night patrol. Austrian/Hungarian border.

But this night, was the night before the Soviets arrived.  And my father saved hundreds of innocents as he ran alongside others, escaping this war.  This revolution.
He used to tell me,”the army didn’t even have a chance … we knew we were all going to die, it was an order. But everyone else had a chance. That’s when I made my decision to save those that I could. That was the night I decided to not accept my fate set down by those in corrupt seats, high above”.
It was the night and days that followed that he and over two hundred thousand other Hungarians got out, before the bloodshed.

He ran from his post, after receiving the news of twenty-five thousand strong were marching towards him. He consciously ran thirty miles warning people along the way. He warned farmers in the fields working for the almost overthrown, albeit corrupt, government. He warned women and children cowering in the bushes, fields and shanties along the roadsides. And he warned strangers, knowing full well, they might just shoot him in the back, as he kept running, because after all, they may be secret police.
But most importantly, he warned my mother’s entire family. They all survived, by hiding, or running, or accepting the Soviet occupation.  His own kin, did not.

They all ran out of time, and with tanks at his heals, grabbed my mother and older sister and made a run for it with the other thousands of Hungarians for the border.

Italy was the safe haven. That is what everyone knew. That is where they went, to catch a boat to Canada, Australia or South Africa, to safety, and the unknown. For if they had stayed, or took their chances, this story wouldn’t have been written. History would have definitely been different.

You also wouldn’t be able to read the reason I am writing this.  Or why the poppy means so much to me and my family.  Why I am so adamant about closing for the day.  Why this one day of the year is most solemn and most reverered and true in my heart.

Dad always planted poppies in his garden. Wild, Hungarian poppies. It really doesn’t matter what the color, as long as they were pinks, oranges or reds. He tended them with more care than any of the other plants in his garden. Making sure the patches along the fence were weed free, even in the back lane. For him, they were a sign of respect of everyone he had lost. Everyone he had known. All the sacrifices. And all that was given up for his freedom. It was also a symbol of everything he gave up and did to save whom he could.
Especially, his family. Whom would have certainly been executed because of his ties to the Hungarian Infantry, much like his family.

The Poppies were Dad’s way of paying respect.

In 1984, my father was pardoned for desertion and acknowledged for his contributions to saving his countrymen in the long but not forgotten past. He wore a poppy on that day.

Every day after that, he carried petals from his poppies, folded in a handkerchief in his pocket.

He always told me, Never forget.

The 2016 Special Edition Lamy AL-Star - Charged Green January 06 2016

Each year Lamy creates a new special edition, limited production run, of their bestselling AL-Star series.

This year the latest colour is (drum roll please) – Charged Green!

And although it seems as though the Lamy designers are caught in a “green” loop after releasing the Safari Neon Lime last year, the Charged Green is already becoming a favorite on pen blogs and the internet since it was announced in December. The green is subtle, stylish and since it is an anodized aluminum, the green has been described as olive, pear, green apple or lime leaf. Either way, it is beautiful, and will certainly become a collectable as are all of the special editions.

The AL-Star is an aluminum pen with a semi-transparent barrel grip, a patented exchangeable nib (hot-swappable) and a spring-action metal clip. The original design dates back to the sixties but was truly re-introduced to the public in 1980 and has remained one of the best pens on the planet. The pen is extremely light weight, but very stout and robust. The little brother to the AL-Star , the Safari, shares the same nib and ink cartridge system and is given to grade schoolers in Germany. So for everyday use, they just keep performing.

This year, Soul Paper will be Pre-ordering and stocking the AL-Star Charged Green in fountain pen and roller ball, and of course, we will also have the limited edition inks in cartridge and bottles.
The AL-Star ’s and Safari’s will accept the Lamy Z24 converter or Lamy ink cartridges, and each series are sold with converters. We love how easy they are to fill from bottles.

Last year’s special edition sold out before production and this year is bound to be no exception. With this in mind, we are accepting pre-orders until January 29, 2016. So if you are looking to add to your Lamy collection, are in need of a very special gift for someone this year, or are thinking of Christmas gifts (it is only 353 days away!), give us a call and reserve yours today.

Blackwing Vol. 1138 December 15 2015

It has arrived, the third Limited Edition Volumes release, the Blackwing 1138.  It has been nicknamed the "sci-fi" pencil and film and science-fiction buffs know why. This pencil has a story to tell. Literally.

For the full story of this amazing pencil, Blackwing has a special post devoted to the process as well as other goodies here.

The Blackwing 1138 salutes A Trip to the Moon and all things sci-fi. The pencil’s striped barrel may appear random at first glance, but the sequence of blacks and grays is very deliberate.



Using a process known as movie barcoding, Blackwing condensed A Trip to the Moon into individual bands of color (shout out to Melvyn over at Arcane Sanctum for his awesome open source movie barcoding program). They then set out to put that onto a pencil. 

Soul Paper is thrilled once again to be a stockist for Blackwing/Palomino and are dedicated to stocking Limited Editions including the Vol. 1138. But supply is limited and with the holidays approaching, they are sure to become collectible in a very short time.

The Blackwing Pencil December 15 2015

As a curated stationery shop, we have an opportunity to hand pick all of our products. We also bring in what we can upon request. One of the requests was for the Blackwing series of pencils from Palomino and with pleasure, we have them in stock. Available individually and in full boxes.

We also stock the Blackwing Limited Editions, but only while they last.
- Limited Edition Chuck Jones (of Looney Tunes fame) available (only 5000 boxes were produced).
- Limited Edition 211 in honour of John Muir.
- Limited Edition 1138. The most unique to date.

For everyone at Soul Paper, having Blackwing in the store is a bit of nostalgia, as we all have been using them since our days in grade school, college or in our previous careers. The fact is, before the store opened, we had been ordering them online and using them sparingly. They are a staple in our personal studios and still dear to our hearts. And as soon as you pick one up, you remember something from your past, because they are so familiar.

The Day After September 06 2015

The list of people we want to thank for coming out in the rain and cold to celebrate our First Birthday is truly endless. Less it to say, thank you everyone, we love all you and we couldn’t have done any of this with without you. And if you follow on Instagram or Facebook, you would see the pictures, links to videos and fun everyone had. Please take some time to follow the links to others in our community too, as their posts on yesterday’s festivities are incredible.

Yesterday was also the opening of our workshop space! After a full year of threatening to open the space to the public, we finally have. This was a major milestone at Soul Paper as it signifies a real need for a space for our community to share, learn and grow. We are super excited for the first classes in calligraphy and mixed media. Watch the Workshop page here on our website for the October calendar.

We really hate ending our little blog posts with apologies, but to everyone signed up for a Newsletter … Sorry, it IS coming soon. We needed to focus on the build of the workshop and ensuring the great finds for the shop kept rolling in. We also have a few new faces around the shop and with the added support, will be focussing on Newsletters and Workshops. We may have now started a rhythm.

Thank you again for your Love and Support.

Happy Birthday to...US! August 30 2015

Yesterday (August 29) marked a very important day at Soul Paper! We turned 1! Can you believe it? One. Uno. Edg.

Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary!

This past year has gone so quickly. We have diligently worked on building our stock, supporting you the community and having fun.  Thank you for your support, love and kindness!

To celebrate this milestone, and to thank everyone, we are inviting you to our party on Saturday September 5, 2015. There will be treats, grab bags, libations (non alcoholic of course), an incredible in house prise draw and mini demos! We should also mention, that this will be the soft opening of our newly renovated workshop space!

We hope to see you!



Long Hot Summer August 03 2015

When we say long hot summer around the shop, it is usually with the rolling of eyes and a tongue firmly planted in a cheek.  We don't really have air conditioning, but we do.  The building as old as it is (built in 1910) has quite a lot of charm, but not the most efficient of cooling systems. So the little air conditioning unit we installed to provide some relief is doing a sufficient job.  It's the little engine that might ... depending on the temperature outside.

When we say long hot summer around the shop, it sometimes means the extra-long hours we are putting in receiving our summer, fall and now Christmas stock.  Yes.  Christmas in July.  We set a standard, almost a year ago, to keep the shop ever changing with new products.  To this promise, we are delivering.  Sometimes Daily.  The ladies in the shop really have their work cut-out for them.

The term "Long hot summer", is also used when we talk about our progress on construction. The long days and late nights working on the storeroom, workshop and office have taken its toll on all of us.  Especially when the little air conditioner that might, decides to not.  So yes, through shear tenacity, stubbornness and determination, the construction will be completed soon (thank you Mr. Contractor - we are tired of dust) and programs will be posted shortly.

But really when we say long hot summer, we smile and feel light of heart.  Because of YOU.  Even in the warmth of the old building, surrounded by great new stationery, while fanning ourselves with that brilliant birthday card, you stop in to say hello and linger to talk about the lake or that party you are going to. You stop, for a minute, to ask what's new. You stop. To breathe and share your time with us.  And that is why; it's a long hot summer.  That is why we do it.  For Community. That's You.

Thank you all for an incredible summer!

Dirty Hands Happy Heart January 24 2015

This month we have been pining to get into the workshop/studio, crack open some acrylic paints, dirty up some brushes and get our hands dirty. Every year, around this time, when the cold of winter has settled in and the snow is still on the ground, we yearn, as many artists do, for that embrace of creativity. Although we have had snippets of creativity and a smattering of inky hands and sticky paper, it has not been the same this year.

We have been creative in other ways ... with our minds planning workshops, events and tradeshow travel with our team and supporters, like you.  With notepads with our vendors, suppliers and other creatives that supply us with great products.  But mostly, we have been creative with saws, and hammers, and paint, and wire, and wood. To be honest, we are physically putting the finishing touches on the workshop. We want it just so when we officially open to the public. 

We are so close to opening, that we have had to re-organized our art supply area, to make room for all the new products (yep ... gonna use em in the workshops!). Had to source and found a large format paper storage unit (thanks to Mid Mod Vintage & Hidden Stitch). We even scored a few other display units from some other businesses (thank you Periwinkle). There has been a ton of work in the back ground that will be revealed soon.

But in the meanwhile, come on in and check out the updated Art area! We are sure you will find something worth dirtying your hands with.