Midori Travelers Notebook July 17 2017

If you have a Travelers Notebook (TN), are shopping around for one or you just haven’t seen all the hype or news regarding them, here is a Cole’s notes version of all the excitement.

Travelers Notebook – 2017 Olive Limited Edition

This is the 2017 Limited Edition TRAVELER’S notebook in olive. It is also on my want/need/wish list. Yes, sorry ... I need a minute.

TN went back to basics with this edition and focused on the deep greens associated with landscape and forest hues that are discovered while traveling. The green is tinged with yellow creating an olive that is really called khaki in Japan.

Made with the same durable thick leather as every Travelers Notebook, this limited edition also has matching bands in olive.  The remainder of the release also includes a leather pen holder in the same olive.  And to top it all off, TN also released a new matching olive pen with a Loop/Lanyard!!

This release is extremely limited and we only have a few left in stock.


Travelers Notebook (Rebranding notes 2016)

After 10 years as one of the flagship Midori branded products, the Travelers Notebook (TN) will now be its own brand. Travelers Notebook has a new website to support the Travelers Notebook with all the updates, news and TN product goodness located in one handy location.

Launched in 2006, the notebook has seen overwhelming success and for the 10th Anniversary, the re-release of the 5th anniversary colour and permanent addition of a “Camel” is still available in both the regular and passport sizes.

The Camel release also includes matching pen holder, pen holder sticker and matching fabric band.

Refill Redo

TN listened and finally changing the Passport refill numbering system to align that of the Regular size. This means the addition of sketch, kraft and lightweight paper refills for the Passport and the return of MD paper for the Regular size TN. Also, the much loved 80 page refills have been replaced by 64 page notebooks.

The original MD Paper is also available in Lined, Grid and Blank.

I know, this is all slightly confusing but we have all of the variences in stock and can help you put together the best set. And for those of us that are lovers of the 005 MD Passport refill, we will be starting a support group as it will be discontinued.


10th Anniversary Edition - Limited Supply ...

In celebration of 10 years, a wee tiny, mini sized 10th Anniversary Travelers Notebook was made. Available in all three colour ways, (black, brown & camel) it also has web links and instructions on how to turn your favorite paper into usable mini refills. Of course, that is once you complete your included mini notebook. Each tin box includes;
     - 10th Anniversary Can, made of tin plate
     - "TRAVELER'S notebook Mini" Main Cover, made of cow leather
     - "TRAVELER'S notebook Mini" Cotton Case, made of cotton
     - "TRAVELER'S notebook Mini" Outer Box, made of paper
     - Notebook Refill Mini Kit (Refill Papers)
     - 10 sheets of cover, 10 sheets of title page Inner paper
     - Mini Charm, made of brass
     - Sticker, made of paper
     - Assembly guide for the mini notebook refill
     - 10th Anniversary Guide

The anniversary editions also accompany TN's online guide, so that we all are able to outfit our regular and passport TN’s with 10th anniversary stickers, badges and lots more.

Happy Birthday to...US! August 30 2015

Yesterday (August 29) marked a very important day at Soul Paper! We turned 1! Can you believe it? One. Uno. Edg.

Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary!

This past year has gone so quickly. We have diligently worked on building our stock, supporting you the community and having fun.  Thank you for your support, love and kindness!

To celebrate this milestone, and to thank everyone, we are inviting you to our party on Saturday September 5, 2015. There will be treats, grab bags, libations (non alcoholic of course), an incredible in house prise draw and mini demos! We should also mention, that this will be the soft opening of our newly renovated workshop space!

We hope to see you!