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PLEASE NOTE: We all at Soul Paper believe that COVID-19 is a very serious disease. Many in our family are immuno-compromised and we value & respect everyone’s health/well-being.  In our shop, the safety of our community, team and family is our number one priority and We take every precaution to protect one another. We follow and diligently monitor all guidelines set out by Canadian Health Services as well as the Saskatchewan Health Authority and City of Saskatoon.


We're Open! Just in a different way!


- Have fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, new muscle ache, headache or a sore throat.

-Have travelled outside Saskatchewan in the last 14 days.

-Are a close contact of a person who tested positive for COVID-19.


- We are asking you to do the same so please wear a mask.

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COVID-19 March 18 2020


Soul Paper is taking the COVID-19 situation very seriously.
We value and respect each persons health and well-being.
In our shop, the safety of our community, team
and family are our number one priority.
We want to assure you that we are following the
monitoring and precautionary guidelines set out by
as well as and the Saskatchewan Health Authority
Although things may change, 
Soul Paper is now TEMPORARILY CLOSED to the public.
We want to thank those who have come by the shop to support us.
We are grateful.
Many have told us that they come because
we are a gentle place to decompress and find relief
from the shopping chaos around the the city.
We are humbled.
We love our community!  Please stay in touch via social media.
If you are sick, for the safety of everyone, please take care of yourself,
stay home, call 811 and self-isolate.
If you are reading this and find yourself still pinning for stationery products,
we have some solutions to support you during this stressful time;
As an alternate to coming in the shop, ORDER via email at
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If you have any questions,
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Be Safe.  Stay Healthy.  And Stay in Touch.
Love Soul Paper

December Mail December 08 2019

The hand writing was always beautiful and don’t get me started on the stamps and stickers!

Autumn's Arrival September 13 2019

One of the perks of learning a new craft or skill in the fall is that it provides you with a new hobby to explore on cold winter nights or weekends.

Ilona, (Helen), Mom. May 14 2019

She literally could grow vegetables in gravel, she didn't need to, but she would show you how ("because that's what we had in our first house," she would say, ... "a yard full of gravel").

TN Canadian Stamp Caravan May 05 2019

"...TN users to customize & embellish their
notebooks. Some people have traveled
far to pop-ups in Tokyo, Madrid or Berlin
just to collect these stamps."

Happy Mail April 21 2019

We keep referring to Happy Mail in the shop and whenever we are about town.  And even though we don't get a chance as often as we would like to practice what we preach, we still believe in it and promote it.  We are passionate about the written word and sharing with those we love, hand written notes, cards, letters and journaling always created with the care and attention they deserves.  Old school writing.  It means something.

Let me back-up.  Do you know what Happy Mail is?  You definitely know what Un-Happy Mail is.  Un-Happy is when you go to your mailbox and what is it you typically receive?  Bills. Flyers. Notices.  Paper like this usually doesn't really make you feel that great. This is Un-Happy Mail.

But every so often, and truly not often enough, we receive a card or even better, a letter.  It may be for a birthday, or it may be just because.  It may be from Mom or Grandma, or a long lost cousin or even an acquaintance.  And it makes us feel special.  It makes us feel loved. It means something.  It has substance.  This is Happy Mail. 

If I was to send you an email on your birthday, I guarantee, it will be deleted soon after the day. Because, technology has stripped us of our human connection to each other.  And yet, if I was to send you a card or letter, snail mailed to your postbox, I can guarantee, you would keep it longer than that email and you would read it more than once.  I can also guarantee, that it will touch your heart, even your soul.  This is the power of paper and pen.  This is the connection we are loosing touch with.  This is what a lot of us are looking for or missing.


Riversdale - This is where we are. September 12 2018

We have seen a lot of fantastic changes in the 6 years that we have been in Riversdale.

Okay, technically not quite 5 years. But in our defense and in reality, the extra year was spent behind covered windows renovating the oldest building on our block.

We have seen wonderful businesses grow and expand, new friends join in our excitement and be part of a community that is embracing the change for better.  Riversdale is once again vibrant and fresh and if you haven't had a chance to experience what is happening, you need to take a day to explore.

Many thanks to Bell Media and CTV for showing the rest of the world what is happening in our community. Click the photo below or click Here for the great work now on air!




NAS - (Notebook Acquisition Syndrome) and YOU! June 06 2018

Do you suffer from notebook acquisition syndrome (NAS)? 

Does this sound familiar?  “I love notebooks, I have so many though.  They are just too pretty to write in; I want to find a special use for them.”

I’m the same way, I love notebooks!  So much so that I think I might have caught NAS myself.  At Soul Paper I get asked often “What are people using notebooks for nowadays?” So, with summer days, festivals and time at the lake just around the corner, I thought I would share a few ideas for summer fun.

Bullet Journaling is hot right now. It is a planning and journaling system that can be customized to the way you organize your life.  Some people fancy it up with brush lettering and various coloured markers to make their journal more personalized.  This would be a great pastime for your quiet days at the cabin.

Travel Journaling is another popular one.  This type of journal is great for keeping track of the wonderful places you have visited.  Traveler’s Notebooks® were created for this purpose as there are various notebooks within the leather cover to fill with all the details of your trip.  These notebooks slide in and out of the leather cover and are easy to replace. Some people include pictures, ticket stubs, places they ate and sketches to remember their trip.  However TN’s have become daily carries for many people as they can separate the different aspects of their life into separate notebooks.

Art Journaling is a wonderful way to get your creative time in while also journaling your thoughts and desires.  Art journals are usually created using collage, paints, ephemera and pretty much anything else.  It is a place for creative exploration.  Some people Bible Journal in the same way to express how the scripture has spoken to them.

Have you heard of Morning Pages?  These became popular through the book “The Artist’s Way”  by Julia Cameron.  The idea is that when you awake in the morning you sit down and write without thinking.  This is called stream of consciousness writing.  This type of writing allows our thoughts to flow, uncensored which opens our minds to different possibilities such as opening a little shop called Soul Paper ;o) She suggests writing 3 pages each morning. 

Although notebooks and journals are primarily used for writing down our day to day musings, schedules and lists, there are so many other uses.  Here are just a few suggestions:

Gratitude Journal

A Line A Day Journal

Dream Log

Habit Trackers

Event Journal

Family Journal

Gardening Log

Creativity Journal

Bucket List Tracker

Quotes Lists

Hobby Journal

Concert/Music Journal


Drop into our shop for more ideas on how to use your acquired notebooks.

Writing is such a great way to learn more about yourself.  This summer, enjoy some time documenting your life.


Susan's articles are also featured in Flow Magazine (Saskatoon).

National Letter Writing Month - #Write_On March 28 2018

April 1st, 2018 will mark the fifth year of Write_On a campaign of letter writing led by the creative geniuses at Egg Press & HelloLucky and co-hosted by Mohawk Paper & Sakura Of America. And it all happens during National Letter Writing Month. And for the third year, Soul Paper is on board in Saskatoon.

  “But, wait!”
  “Didn’t we just write letters in February?”
  “What was InCoWriMo?”

InCoWriMo did just happen in February and was a very, very successful “International“ event.  But the National Letter Writing Month campaign is the brain child of Scholastic and the United States Parcel Service (USPS) to promote joy, connections, artistic expression and sharing through hand-written correspondence. It is a way for us to unshackle ourselves from technology and put our souls into something that will mean the world to the recipient.

  “So why is Soul Paper doing this?”

We believe in Happy Mail. It is one of the founding cornerstones of our little shop. One of the disappointing things in our lives, is going to the mailbox every day to find … un-happy mail. Flyers. Bills. Summons to appear in court. Tax forms. You know the depressing, trivial, mundane mail. The stuff that we want to forget.

But Happy Mail is, that card from Auntie Gertie for your birthday or pictures and a notecard from your son away at camp or that touching letter from a lost friend traveling the world reaching out to reconnect. These are the letters we save in a shoebox for safe keeping and further reflection. Happy Mail creates moments that touch our souls. We believe in the cause, and want to promote it here in Canada.

  “So why should I write?

There are oh so many reasons. Remember the shoebox? Wouldn't it be great for your grandchildren to happen upon it long after you are gone, and learn about you? Or even the mysterious pen pal you had in Sarikei?

How about for the simple fact that you truly wish to keep old school correspondence alive. Emoji’s have their place, but there is nothing quite as personal or heartfelt as a hand written letter.  It shows that someone actually cared for you enough to write to you, and not simply email.

Or are you upset with the way the world is today? Write a letter that saves, makes a change or speaks for those who cannot. Use your words to make a change.

A great example for "why", is an excerpt of an article by Samara O’Shea for Huffpost in 2011;

“A text message that says: I Luv U

A letter that says: My dear Girl I love you ever and ever without reserve. The more I have known you the more have I loved. In every way--even my jealousies have been agonies of love, in the hottest fit I ever had I would have died for you.

(Excerpt from a letter written by John Keats in March 1820).”

  “I want to get in on this! What can I do?”

1. Participate. Commit to writing a letter every day for 30 days. Even if you just put them in a shoebox for your great grandchildren to find.

2. If you are in Saskatoon and wish to participate, follow the link for more information about our Kick-Off & Stationery Swap. If you can join us, be ready to trade stamps, washi, envelopes, etc.


3. For all other news, updates, connections and all letter writing goodness, follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram.

4. The official Write_On website.

5. Also, please connect, follow and share with these great folks too;

6. Have fun with this. It may well change your life for the better.


It Only Takes a Spark February 09 2018

“Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility, into flames of achievement.” - Golda Meir

The Joy of Giving December 02 2017

Is this the world you want?

You’re making it. Every day you’re alive.

You change the world.

 - Switchfoot

11,755 November 08 2017

As a child, I was taught to respect my elders.  I was told to be kind.  I knew to especially respect veterans.

I was told in brutal graphic clarity why I should.  Both my parents survived the war as children.  They were over there, in the fields in Hungary, in the mud, helping soldiers, when the Allies bombed during the day and the Germans and Russians bombed at night.  They experienced it.  They had vivid memories.  Nightmares.  Thanks to them, they came to Canada as refugees as young adults in 1956, because they didn’t want their kids to have to experience war.  The level of respect I have for all that my parents have done is tremendous. 

As is my respect and admiration for all those that ensure my safety, security and freedom.

As an adult, I have an obligation to show my great appreciation to all that keep me safe from tyranny, war, strife and conflict.  They ARE the reason that I have the freedom to choose what path I lead in life.  Unequivocally respect.

But every year, I fight an inner struggle.  Every year I am faced with a dilemma.  And every year, I do the best that I can, to NOT show disrespect with my actions.  Let me explain …

Growing up, Remembrance Day meant more.  School was closed.  The adults didn’t work.  And you went to a service in the morning, solemnly, silently ending at

11:11am on November 11. The church bell would ring 11 times.

There was not a stitch of Christmas Holidays to be seen.  No seasonal swag anywhere.  No Bing or Cole on the radio.  And all the shops were closed on this day.  You stayed home with family.  Ate humbly, and took time to remember the fallen.  In fact, you spent some of it with family friends as well, listening to stories of people lost, time long past.

This day was to remember.  This day had substance.  This day was the one day that you took to respect people, just like you, that sacrificed their lives for all our freedom.

This November 11 falls on a Saturday.  So it would seem easy to spend the day as we should … paying respect.

Ahh but no.  Remember, the dilemma?  Or crux if you will?

As a small local retailer, we hold off stocking shelves with holiday cheer until November 12.  It is a choice, to follow tradition and to pay respect.  Yes, closing for a day and not putting out Christmas product, does affect business, marginally.  But instead, I choose to sleep at night, knowing that I haven’t sacrificed my values.  I don't shop.  I don't eat out.  I don't buy online.  I stay in, with family.  Just like my parents had me do.  Respect - for one day.

On Saturday we would be normally closed.  Saturday’s are typically a small retail businesses’ better revenue day.  It is also one of the only days that helps us little shops survive against big box & online sales.  So this year, we will be open the weekend.  Closed on Monday for observance.

In spite of ourselves and the choices we have to make, I will feel horrible about being open.  I am sure, some CEO in a tropical home somewhere won’t care in the least about my feeling. Or the fact that we feel bad about staying open, to survive.  I do sincerely wish them the best, as they count the earnings from the Christmas sales from this past mid-October.  Did I mention Christmas does not arrive in our shop until this Sunday?

I will feel bad.  The shop will be open.  And life will move on for those of us that are free.

I will feel good about one thing …

Every year, I personally take over one of our shop windows.  And every year for this solemn event, I honour those that gave me the freedom to do this for them.  It is a very small gesture.  It is all about poppies.  It is always about the poppies.

This year, the window honours all 11,755 from Saskatchewan that have fallen from 1885 to today.  The list creatively installed in the window can also be found here.  Take a moment to read the names.  They are family, friends and our past.

The Fallen sacrificed everything and freedom is what we were all given.  Lest We forget.

Remembrance Day - The Poppies in the Window November 08 2017

1956 was the year that my father, my mother and oldest sister escaped from Hungary. It was the year that my father's remaining family, but one sibling, were lost during the Hungarian Revolution. And it is also the year, my father's entire squad was executed by the invading Soviets. Should he have stayed, he would have been one of the first killed. He would have been killed, like thousands of others, if it wasn't for an Austrian soldier, patrolling the other side of the fence, along the Austrian border that night.  Warning of the on-coming onslaught of the Soviet war caravans that were on route to my families home town.

Yes, my father was a deserter. But he was also one of the many heroes. 
My father lived the horrors of WW2 as a young child in the trenches with soldiers.  By day, when the Allies bombed and in the fields at night, scavanging for food for the family, when the Nazi's bombed, he lived enough war.  And yet, here he was, in the infantry now, through conscription. 1956. Night patrol. Austrian/Hungarian border.

But this night, was the night before the Soviets arrived.  And my father saved hundreds of innocents as he ran alongside others, escaping this war.  This revolution.
He used to tell me,”the army didn’t even have a chance … we knew we were all going to die, it was an order. But everyone else had a chance. That’s when I made my decision to save those that I could. That was the night I decided to not accept my fate set down by those in corrupt seats, high above”.
It was the night and days that followed that he and over two hundred thousand other Hungarians got out, before the bloodshed.

He ran from his post, after receiving the news of twenty-five thousand strong were marching towards him. He consciously ran thirty miles warning people along the way. He warned farmers in the fields working for the almost overthrown, albeit corrupt, government. He warned women and children cowering in the bushes, fields and shanties along the roadsides. And he warned strangers, knowing full well, they might just shoot him in the back, as he kept running, because after all, they may be secret police.
But most importantly, he warned my mother’s entire family. They all survived, by hiding, or running, or accepting the Soviet occupation.  His own kin, did not.

They all ran out of time, and with tanks at his heals, grabbed my mother and older sister and made a run for it with the other thousands of Hungarians for the border.

Italy was the safe haven. That is what everyone knew. That is where they went, to catch a boat to Canada, Australia or South Africa, to safety, and the unknown. For if they had stayed, or took their chances, this story wouldn’t have been written. History would have definitely been different.

You also wouldn’t be able to read the reason I am writing this.  Or why the poppy means so much to me and my family.  Why I am so adamant about closing for the day.  Why this one day of the year is most solemn and most reverered and true in my heart.

Dad always planted poppies in his garden. Wild, Hungarian poppies. It really doesn’t matter what the color, as long as they were pinks, oranges or reds. He tended them with more care than any of the other plants in his garden. Making sure the patches along the fence were weed free, even in the back lane. For him, they were a sign of respect of everyone he had lost. Everyone he had known. All the sacrifices. And all that was given up for his freedom. It was also a symbol of everything he gave up and did to save whom he could.
Especially, his family. Whom would have certainly been executed because of his ties to the Hungarian Infantry, much like his family.

The Poppies were Dad’s way of paying respect.

In 1984, my father was pardoned for desertion and acknowledged for his contributions to saving his countrymen in the long but not forgotten past. He wore a poppy on that day.

Every day after that, he carried petals from his poppies, folded in a handkerchief in his pocket.

He always told me, Never forget.

Journaling: For All the Right Reasons October 25 2017

“As the number of studies increased, it became clear that writing was a far more powerful tool for healing than anyone had ever imagined.” - James W. Pennebaker

Do It Anyway September 20 2017

"The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best". – Henry Van Dyke

I have a confession to make.  For years I didn’t do much creatively because I compared myself to others, thinking I just didn’t have the “artist” gene.  “Who am I to think I can do this?” I would ask. “I’m not an artist”.  I hear this a great deal in the Shop. The thing is we are all artists!  Think back to when you were young.  Everything was a world of imagination.  A leaf poked onto a toothpick which was then stuck in a twig suddenly became a boat sailing down the river in the wake of a rain shower on your street.  Don’t you yearn for those carefree days?

You can have them!  The youthful imagination still lives in each of us.  I encourage you to have some fun with this one big beautiful life of yours.  Do something that scares you a little bit.  Take those classes you wanted to take.  Get your hands full of ink and paint.  Find your creative voice, the voice that brings you joy and peace.  Even if you are judging yourself or comparing yourself, do it anyway.  You will be so glad you did.  But, if you need a cheerleader come talk to me, I’ve got your back.

Creativity is different for all of us.  It may be writing that sets you on fire.  Perhaps it’s singing or sewing, dancing or drama.  Being an artist isn’t about drawing or painting, not with a brush at least.  It’s about exploring your imagination and expressing it in whichever way you desire.  Every voice singing in the woods comes together to create a beautiful song.  So, yes, you are an artist.

Our fall classes will be up on our website soon to inspire you.  And don’t forget to feed your soul every day.  You are so worth it.

Original (unedited) article as seen in FLOW Magazine - Saskatoon.
(untitled) 2 year - Community/Open Workshop Project - This was all you Saskatoon! Thank you!

Things Overheard at the Paper Shop August 07 2017

After a few years of working in such a fun place, doing the same thing day in and day out, you have a tendency to get ... punchy once in a while.  You also have many an opportunity to overheard, be part of or totally misinterpret conversations.  Here are just a few that made us chuckle.

Us - "What is your preference? ALStar or Safari?"
Guest - "Safari".
Us - "Why"? Is it the weight? The thickness of the grip"?
Guest - "NO!" "It's because I can chew the cap!"

"You seem like a fine nib girl".

"That ink lays so well on paper, kind of like melted butter on a tablecloth".

"I am looking for ink that is thick. Like really thick. Chocolatey colour. Like runny nutella".

Guest holding a black blank notebook in hand - "Do you sell notebooks"? Not like this one, but like this one only reversed"?
Us - "Do you mean in colour?"
Guest - "NO!" "Like opening from the back!"
Us - "Oh, you mean like this (as we flip the book over)".
Guest - "THATS IT!"

Guest discussing being a NEW penpal - "If I had a dollar for every time someone mailed me a nice letter, I would have 1 buck".

"No one appreciates nor can identify fine writing paper. What is the problem? Why is this not taught is school"?

Guest - "I am looking for waterproof decorative paper"? Kind of with a plastic coating".
Us - "What is your use for it"? Sounds like an interesting project".
Guest - "My kids hamster cage is ugly. I want to put it in the bottom of the cage".

Guest Standing in front of greeting card rack - "Do you sell greeting cards"?

Guest 1 - "Bad food choices. Not going to bed early enough. Late night deadlines. It has all contributed to my cycladic rythum being all messed up".
Guest 2 - "Oh, is that what that's called! Yea, I need to get me one of those".

"Lined paper is so 2012. Dot grid is the new black"!

"I'm disappointed that they never actually told me how to get to Sesame Street".

Guest - "I hate you guys & love you at the same time. Really, I love you & the shop. It's my husbands wallet that hates you".

Guest passing with friends going for dinner - "Oh my god. Go on without me, I don't need to eat. In fact, (looking at Us) do you have an adoption program"?

4 groomsmen enter - "Quick, you need to save us ... where are your wedding cards & pens"?

Guest - "Paper is for a 1st Anniversary, right"?
Us - "Yes it is".
Guest - "Great! How is this card"? (holding out a sympathy card)

Guest - "Now that I'm a student, I need elephant shaped paper clips".

Guest - "Once or twice seems about right. My life goals include a equal distribution of cake".

Guest - "You guys need to change your name to CRACK." "Cause, I'm addicted. Your my dealer!"

I put "away at Soul Paper" as my out of office.  That way, those that know, know not to call.  It's my personal time.




Movie Night! February 09 2017

February 21st - California Typewriter

We love our city, community and tribe!

You and your love of what we do, is what gets us out of bed every morning.

We have always been drawn to anything old school.  Stationery, pens, paper, typewriters and going out to the picture show, just to name a few.

Is there a better way to celebrate all our loves, than with a movie about typewriters!?

So ... as a way to pay it forward…On February 21st,  Soul Paper, Paved Arts and the Broadway Theatre are proudly presenting a nostalgic look at our past with the special screening of California Typewriter at 7pm.

Tickets are only $10 - available at the Broadway Theatre box office or swing by Soul Paper...we will have a few for sale as well.

But wait, there's more... Soul Paper will also be raffling off not 1 ... but 2 – “The Typewriter” books (by Janine Vangool – editor of Uppercase Magazine) in the lobby right before the show!  What?!  Yes, you heard right. 

What is the Typewriter book?  Check this cool…

Raffle tickets are 1 for $2 or 3 for $5, and the winner will be announced and the end of the movie along with another surprise from Paved Arts!

But this is the part we are most excited about.  ALL Soul Paper raffle proceeds will be given to the Lymphedema Association of Saskatchewan!  Win, win, win.

Please, take a moment to find out what Lymphedema really is and why we need to get behind this!.

So, who's up for a movie?

the Italian Stationery Blog featured US! May 25 2016

We are honoured and humbled by being featured on the Italian Stationery Blog.  Follow the link here and check out the rest of the site for tons of extra goodies!

Blog updates then New York ... Our Spring Tradition May 06 2016

Looking at the blog, website, Facebook & Instagram, I realized that the last blog post was on March 28!  I know!  Right!?  What the hummph!?

Okay. I know there are no excuses, but here is why we neglected our duties on the blog.

1. Write_on.

This was our first year partnering, participating and promoting this incredible event in Saskatoon.  To say we were prepared, may be a stretch.  Yes we held our own and supported the campaign, but it left us stretched thin and the blog suffered.  Actually, so did our sleep.

2. Arrivals.

April, as it turned out, was one of our largest months ever - for new product arrivals from around the globe. The shop became stuffed with all the papergoodness for Easter, Mothers Day, National Letter Writing Month, Graduations, Spring arrivals and Limited Editions.

3. Limited Editions.

Our favorite pen & pencil companies (Lamy & Blackwing) released their Spring Limited Editions in the same month.  Almost within the same week!  Organized Chaos! Enough said.

4. Workshops.

The Write_on Kick-off, Mid-month Stationery Swap and the Wrap-up all took time to set up and host. We were unprepared for the overwhelming support and participation from the YXE community.  We also learned the maximum capacity of our workshop. Maybe next year, we find a school gym.

5. New Hires.

As crazy as it sounds, we also conducted a hiring blitz, to find our next victim, er, rockstar, er, family member/employee of the month. I know, crazy.

Now, with all the excuses and fussing out of the way, let us move forward and spring onto what is important in May.

The new May calendar is online (check it out here) and with that, so is the Workshop schedule.  However, for the month of May, NO workshops will be scheduled until our return from New York.  So look forward to something towards the end of the month.  Our Thursday Meetup is still scheduled. 

Yes. I said New York.  It is that time of year already.

Every May, we travel to NYC to attend the National Stationery Show or NSS. This tradeshow gathering, in it's 70th year, is a meeting of vendors, makers, suppliers & retailers of all things stationery!  As a paper shop, you know this is our paradise!  We train by drinking lots of water to keep our saliva glands at a high performance level. (drool). 

We have attended for 5 years, and have grown to appreciate it as a time to meet new friends, find great undiscovered goodies and review what we are bringing to YXE the following year.  But really, it is our only chance to meet face to face with all the incredible souls that create, make & share their world with ours.  We preach that 80% of our store are independents and it is.  This is the only chance we get every year to actually see half of them, in one place. 

So if you would like to see what we find, follow our Facebook Instagram for updates from New York.  We may even have a few live Periscopes from the show this year!

The 2016 Special Edition Lamy AL-Star - Charged Green January 06 2016

Each year Lamy creates a new special edition, limited production run, of their bestselling AL-Star series.

This year the latest colour is (drum roll please) – Charged Green!

And although it seems as though the Lamy designers are caught in a “green” loop after releasing the Safari Neon Lime last year, the Charged Green is already becoming a favorite on pen blogs and the internet since it was announced in December. The green is subtle, stylish and since it is an anodized aluminum, the green has been described as olive, pear, green apple or lime leaf. Either way, it is beautiful, and will certainly become a collectable as are all of the special editions.

The AL-Star is an aluminum pen with a semi-transparent barrel grip, a patented exchangeable nib (hot-swappable) and a spring-action metal clip. The original design dates back to the sixties but was truly re-introduced to the public in 1980 and has remained one of the best pens on the planet. The pen is extremely light weight, but very stout and robust. The little brother to the AL-Star , the Safari, shares the same nib and ink cartridge system and is given to grade schoolers in Germany. So for everyday use, they just keep performing.

This year, Soul Paper will be Pre-ordering and stocking the AL-Star Charged Green in fountain pen and roller ball, and of course, we will also have the limited edition inks in cartridge and bottles.
The AL-Star ’s and Safari’s will accept the Lamy Z24 converter or Lamy ink cartridges, and each series are sold with converters. We love how easy they are to fill from bottles.

Last year’s special edition sold out before production and this year is bound to be no exception. With this in mind, we are accepting pre-orders until January 29, 2016. So if you are looking to add to your Lamy collection, are in need of a very special gift for someone this year, or are thinking of Christmas gifts (it is only 353 days away!), give us a call and reserve yours today.

Blackwing Vol. 1138 December 15 2015

It has arrived, the third Limited Edition Volumes release, the Blackwing 1138.  It has been nicknamed the "sci-fi" pencil and film and science-fiction buffs know why. This pencil has a story to tell. Literally.

For the full story of this amazing pencil, Blackwing has a special post devoted to the process as well as other goodies here.

The Blackwing 1138 salutes A Trip to the Moon and all things sci-fi. The pencil’s striped barrel may appear random at first glance, but the sequence of blacks and grays is very deliberate.



Using a process known as movie barcoding, Blackwing condensed A Trip to the Moon into individual bands of color (shout out to Melvyn over at Arcane Sanctum for his awesome open source movie barcoding program). They then set out to put that onto a pencil. 

Soul Paper is thrilled once again to be a stockist for Blackwing/Palomino and are dedicated to stocking Limited Editions including the Vol. 1138. But supply is limited and with the holidays approaching, they are sure to become collectible in a very short time.

The Blackwing Pencil December 15 2015

As a curated stationery shop, we have an opportunity to hand pick all of our products. We also bring in what we can upon request. One of the requests was for the Blackwing series of pencils from Palomino and with pleasure, we have them in stock. Available individually and in full boxes.

We also stock the Blackwing Limited Editions, but only while they last.
- Limited Edition Chuck Jones (of Looney Tunes fame) available (only 5000 boxes were produced).
- Limited Edition 211 in honour of John Muir.
- Limited Edition 1138. The most unique to date.

For everyone at Soul Paper, having Blackwing in the store is a bit of nostalgia, as we all have been using them since our days in grade school, college or in our previous careers. The fact is, before the store opened, we had been ordering them online and using them sparingly. They are a staple in our personal studios and still dear to our hearts. And as soon as you pick one up, you remember something from your past, because they are so familiar.

The Day After September 06 2015

The list of people we want to thank for coming out in the rain and cold to celebrate our First Birthday is truly endless. Less it to say, thank you everyone, we love all you and we couldn’t have done any of this with without you. And if you follow on Instagram or Facebook, you would see the pictures, links to videos and fun everyone had. Please take some time to follow the links to others in our community too, as their posts on yesterday’s festivities are incredible.

Yesterday was also the opening of our workshop space! After a full year of threatening to open the space to the public, we finally have. This was a major milestone at Soul Paper as it signifies a real need for a space for our community to share, learn and grow. We are super excited for the first classes in calligraphy and mixed media. Watch the Workshop page here on our website for the October calendar.

We really hate ending our little blog posts with apologies, but to everyone signed up for a Newsletter … Sorry, it IS coming soon. We needed to focus on the build of the workshop and ensuring the great finds for the shop kept rolling in. We also have a few new faces around the shop and with the added support, will be focussing on Newsletters and Workshops. We may have now started a rhythm.

Thank you again for your Love and Support.