National Letter Writing Month - #Write_On March 16 2017

April 1st, 2017 will mark the fourth year of Write_On a campaign of letter writing led by the creative geniuses at Egg Press & HelloLucky and co-hosted by Mohawk Paper & Sakura Of America. And it all happens during National Letter Writing Month. And for the second year, Soul Paper is on board in Saskatoon.

  “But, wait!”
  “Didn’t we just write letters in February?”
  “What was InCoWriMo?”

InCoWriMo did just happen in February and was a very, very successful “International“ event.  But the National Letter Writing Month campaign is the brain child of Scholastic and the United States Parcel Service (USPS) to promote joy, connections, artistic expression and sharing through hand-written correspondence. It is a way for us to unshackle ourselves from technology and put our souls into something that will mean the world to the recipient.

  “So why is Soul Paper doing this?”

We believe in Happy Mail. It is one of the founding cornerstones of our little shop. One of the disappointing things in our lives, is going to the mailbox every day to find … un-happy mail. Flyers. Bills. Summons to appear in court. Tax forms. You know the depressing, trivial, mundane mail. The stuff that we want to forget.

But Happy Mail is, that card from Auntie Gertie for your birthday or pictures and a notecard from your son away at camp or that touching letter from a lost friend traveling the world reaching out to reconnect. These are the letters we save in a shoebox for safe keeping and further reflection. Happy Mail creates moments that touch our souls. We believe in the cause, and want to promote it here in Canada.

  “So why should I write?

There are oh so many reasons. Remember the shoebox? Wouldn't it be great for your grandchildren to happen upon it long after you are gone, and learn about you? Or even the mysterious pen pal you had in Sarikei?

How about for the simple fact that you truly wish to keep old school correspondence alive. Emoji’s have their place, but there is nothing quite as personal or heartfelt as a hand written letter.  It shows that someone actually cared for you enough to write to you, and not simply email.

Or are you upset with the way the world is today? Write a letter that saves, makes a change or speaks for those who cannot. Use your words to make a change.

A great example for "why", is an excerpt of an article by Samara O’Shea for Huffpost in 2011;

“A text message that says: I Luv U

A letter that says: My dear Girl I love you ever and ever without reserve. The more I have known you the more have I loved. In every way--even my jealousies have been agonies of love, in the hottest fit I ever had I would have died for you.

(Excerpt from a letter written by John Keats in March 1820).”

  “I want to get in on this! What can I do?”

1. Participate. Commit to writing a letter every day for 30 days. Even if you just put them in a shoebox for your great grandchildren to find.

2. If you are in Saskatoon and wish to participate, follow the link here for more information about our Kick-Off & Stationery Swap. If you can join us, be ready to trade stamps, washi, envelopes, etc.


3. For all other news, updates, connections and all letter writing goodness, follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram.

4. The official Write_On website.

5. Also, please connect, follow and share with these great folks too;

6. Have fun with this. It may well change your life for the better.


Midori Travelers Notebook February 16 2017

If you have a Travelers Notebook (TN), are shopping around for one or you just haven’t seen all the hype or news regarding them, here is a Cole’s notes version of all the excitement.

Travelers Notebook – 2017 Olive Limited Edition

This is the 2017 Limited Edition TRAVELER’S notebook in olive. It is also on my want/need/wish list. Yes, sorry ... I need a minute.

TN went back to basics with this edition and focused on the deep greens associated with landscape and forest hues that are discovered while traveling. The green is tinged with yellow creating an olive that is really called khaki in Japan.

Made with the same durable thick leather as every Travelers Notebook, this limited edition also has matching bands in olive.  The remainder of the release also includes a leather pen holder in the same olive.  And to top it all off, TN also released a new matching olive pen with a Loop/Lanyard!!

This release is in very short supply and we are now accepting pre-orders.


Travelers Notebook (Rebranding notes 2016)

After 10 years as one of the flagship Midori branded products, the Travelers Notebook (TN) will now be its own brand. Travelers Notebook has a new website to support the Travelers Notebook with all the updates, news and TN product goodness located in one handy location.

Launched in 2006, the notebook has seen overwhelming success and for the 10th Anniversary, the re-release of the 5th anniversary colour and permanent addition of a “Camel” is still available in both the regular and passport sizes.

The Camel release also includes matching pen holder, pen holder sticker and matching fabric band.

Refill Redo

TN listened and finally changing the Passport refill numbering system to align that of the Regular size. This means the addition of sketch, kraft and lightweight paper refills for the Passport and the return of MD paper for the Regular size TN. Also, the much loved 80 page refills have been replaced by 64 page notebooks.

The original MD Paper is also available in Lined, Grid and Blank.

I know, this is all slightly confusing but we have all of the variences in stock and can help you put together the best set. And for those of us that are lovers of the 005 MD Passport refill, we will be starting a support group as it will be discontinued.


10th Anniversary Edition - Limited Supply ...

In celebration of 10 years, a wee tiny, mini sized 10th Anniversary Travelers Notebook was made. Available in all three colour ways, (black, brown & camel) it also has web links and instructions on how to turn your favorite paper into usable mini refills. Of course, that is once you complete your included mini notebook. Each tin box includes;
     - 10th Anniversary Can, made of tin plate
     - "TRAVELER'S notebook Mini" Main Cover, made of cow leather
     - "TRAVELER'S notebook Mini" Cotton Case, made of cotton
     - "TRAVELER'S notebook Mini" Outer Box, made of paper
     - Notebook Refill Mini Kit (Refill Papers)
     - 10 sheets of cover, 10 sheets of title page Inner paper
     - Mini Charm, made of brass
     - Sticker, made of paper
     - Assembly guide for the mini notebook refill
     - 10th Anniversary Guide

The anniversary editions also accompany TN's online guide, so that we all are able to outfit our regular and passport TN’s with 10th anniversary stickers, badges and lots more.

Movie Night! February 09 2017

February 21st - California Typewriter

We love our city, community and tribe!

You and your love of what we do, is what gets us out of bed every morning.

We have always been drawn to anything old school.  Stationery, pens, paper, typewriters and going out to the picture show, just to name a few.

Is there a better way to celebrate all our loves, than with a movie about typewriters!?

So ... as a way to pay it forward…On February 21st,  Soul Paper, Paved Arts and the Broadway Theatre are proudly presenting a nostalgic look at our past with the special screening of California Typewriter at 7pm.

Tickets are only $10 - available at the Broadway Theatre box office or swing by Soul Paper...we will have a few for sale as well.

But wait, there's more... Soul Paper will also be raffling off not 1 ... but 2 – “The Typewriter” books (by Janine Vangool – editor of Uppercase Magazine) in the lobby right before the show!  What?!  Yes, you heard right. 

What is the Typewriter book?  Check this cool…

Raffle tickets are 1 for $2 or 3 for $5, and the winner will be announced and the end of the movie along with another surprise from Paved Arts!

But this is the part we are most excited about.  ALL Soul Paper raffle proceeds will be given to the Lymphedema Association of Saskatchewan!  Win, win, win.

Please, take a moment to find out what Lymphedema really is and why we need to get behind this!.

So, who's up for a movie?

CTV Morning LIVE November 30 2016

We wrapped some presents with Jeremy this morning! Check it out here

Or watch the video now;



Christmas - Our Favorite Season in the Shop November 22 2016

Just a quick blog update to let you know, we are still here. A wee bit punchy, but here. Breathing, yes. Tired, yes. Sore, yes. Wanting to quit? NO WAY. We love what we do for you. Best time of the year!

We also know that we tend to neglect our blog when we are busy. For that, we are sorry. But really, if we are not on the keyboard, it really means we are finding more awesome stuff to share with Saskatoon. Cause, you deserve it! And with Christmas soon arriving, we have been really, really busy restocking daily. It was quoted in the newspaper, that if you walk into Soul Paper next week it will be totally different than this week. Really, the term “weekly” should be substituted for “daily" as we are in the final weeks of Christmas arrivals. And we saved the best for last. From incredible wrapping, art supplies, gift bags and tags to truly one of a kind gifts, such as 5000 year old Bog Oak fountain pens to teledescopes to limited edition books, pencils and collectables.  And then there is the stationery.  I will stop here. Saskatoon ... you really need to see what we brought in for you.

We have also decided to extend our Winter Hours for the remainder of the year!

Winter/Holiday Hours:

Monday - 10:00am to 6:00pm.
Tuesday - 10:00am to 6:00pm.
Wednesday - 10:00am to 6:00pm.
Thursday - 10:00am to 8:00pm (Shop Late).
Friday - 10:00am to 8:00pm (Shop Late).
Saturday - 10:00am to 6:00pm.
Sunday - 10:00am to 4:00pm.

December 24 - Christmas Eve - 10:00am to 4:00pm.
December 25 - Christmas - Closed.
December 26 - Boxing Day - Closed.
December 27 - Closed.
December 28 - Closed.
December 29 - 10:00am to 8:00pm.
December 30 - 10:00am to 8:00pm.
December 31 - NYE - 10:00am to 4:00pm.
January 1, 2017 - New Years Day - Closed.
January 2, 2017 - Closed (New Hours Begin).

So now you know our Winter & Holiday Hours. And you know of some of the great finds we have for you, we are bringing in more awesomeness. And so as not to ruin the surprise for you, all we will say is “New Arrivals from Hungary & Japan” and the term “over-the-top”.

See you tomorrow. And maybe the day after. And the day after that.

Even if you don't buy anything, please do come in and say Happy Holidays. Because, that's what it really is about. You.

We Turned 2!!! September 13 2016

For those of you that missed our quiet celebration, Soul Paper turned the corner and turned 2 on August 29.  Sorry if you missed the small party on September 10. It was great to see those of you that caught wind of it.  We kept in quieter than our first year festival/spectacle but none the less, we indeed needed to celebrate.

Our second year was big. We expanded our offerings, found new independent vendors to work with, ramped up then ramped down our workshop offerings and grew our team slightly larger.  We also met and shared time with people from all over the world. But best of all, we shared global with the locals.

While writing this post my heart is warmed with all the love and support that has come our way. And even though we are all still recovering from all the preparations and subsequent celebrations for last Saturday’s party, I am in ever awe of all the wonderful people that have made our little shop successful in our second year.  We cannot say thank you enough, but will continue to.

We really could not have pulled off the party without our friends, tribe, family and staff of incredible women. So thank you;

  • Mahshed for the best chalk signage and workshop session ever. Yes. Mind. Blown. Love you girl.
  • Brad for all the late nights, ladder work, balloon placing, emergency errands, coffee runs and of course, just being you. Truly a gentle giant and a true friend.
  • Sharon and Mom for stuffing bags, window display tweaks and all your emotional support even though family had something else very important and heartfelt to prepare for at the same time.
  • Marc for his mad maker skill, late night production runs and for just being insanely cool.
  • Robyn for keeping Marc in line and giving us a well-deserved break when we all got punchy.
  • And Alexa, Kyla and Jacqueline for preparing the shop with the utmost care and attention.

In the end, the little party, open workshop and little treat bags was just our little thank you to anyone going out of their way to support us.




Riversdale - We are ready to Soar! June 12 2016

We have seen a lot of fantastic changes in the 3 years that we have been in Riversdale.

Okay, technically not quite 2 years. But in our defence and in reality, the extra year was spent behind covered windows renovating the oldest building on our block.

We have seen wonderful businesses grow and expand, new friends join in our excitement and be part of a community that is embracing the change for better.  Riversdale is once again vibrant and fresh and if you haven't had a chance to experience what is happening, you need to take a day to explore.

Many thanks to Bell Media and CTV for showing the rest of the world what is happening in our community. Click the photo below or click Here for the great work now on air!




Father's Day Cards June 01 2016

I always give my mom two cards for any special event. One to make her laugh and one that tells her how much I love her while simultaneously reducing her to tears. Because, she always grabs me mid-sniffle to give me the bestest & longest hug. Sometimes for a minute or two.

But I never had that chance with my dad. He was always on the go and wasn't overly sentimental like mom. Which made it very tough to get him an awesome greeting. So much so that when I travelled, I would search smaller independent shops like ours, for that perfect card that I knew I would at the very least, make him laugh so hard, that he would literally stop and re-read the card. Even several times over.  Sometimes he would forget I actually got him a gift too.

That's one of the selection criteria for the greetings we carry at Soul Paper - Does it have the potential to make dad tear up, or at least make him laugh so hard he forgets about his favorite beer or that awesome tie I just gave him that he forgets to open.

But the greatest thing I learned before he past away, was that he hung on to every card I ever gave him. And if he didn't hang on to the card, he wrote the prose in a notebook. 

Thanks Dad.

Happy Fathers Day to all Dad's

the Italian Stationery Blog featured US! May 25 2016

We are honoured and humbled by being featured on the Italian Stationery Blog.  Follow the link here and check out the rest of the site for tons of extra goodies!

Blog updates then New York ... Our Spring Tradition May 06 2016

Looking at the blog, website, Facebook & Instagram, I realized that the last blog post was on March 28!  I know!  Right!?  What the hummph!?

Okay. I know there are no excuses, but here is why we neglected our duties on the blog.

1. Write_on.

This was our first year partnering, participating and promoting this incredible event in Saskatoon.  To say we were prepared, may be a stretch.  Yes we held our own and supported the campaign, but it left us stretched thin and the blog suffered.  Actually, so did our sleep.

2. Arrivals.

April, as it turned out, was one of our largest months ever - for new product arrivals from around the globe. The shop became stuffed with all the papergoodness for Easter, Mothers Day, National Letter Writing Month, Graduations, Spring arrivals and Limited Editions.

3. Limited Editions.

Our favorite pen & pencil companies (Lamy & Blackwing) released their Spring Limited Editions in the same month.  Almost within the same week!  Organized Chaos! Enough said.

4. Workshops.

The Write_on Kick-off, Mid-month Stationery Swap and the Wrap-up all took time to set up and host. We were unprepared for the overwhelming support and participation from the YXE community.  We also learned the maximum capacity of our workshop. Maybe next year, we find a school gym.

5. New Hires.

As crazy as it sounds, we also conducted a hiring blitz, to find our next victim, er, rockstar, er, family member/employee of the month. I know, crazy.

Now, with all the excuses and fussing out of the way, let us move forward and spring onto what is important in May.

The new May calendar is online (check it out here) and with that, so is the Workshop schedule.  However, for the month of May, NO workshops will be scheduled until our return from New York.  So look forward to something towards the end of the month.  Our Thursday Meetup is still scheduled. 

Yes. I said New York.  It is that time of year already.

Every May, we travel to NYC to attend the National Stationery Show or NSS. This tradeshow gathering, in it's 70th year, is a meeting of vendors, makers, suppliers & retailers of all things stationery!  As a paper shop, you know this is our paradise!  We train by drinking lots of water to keep our saliva glands at a high performance level. (drool). 

We have attended for 5 years, and have grown to appreciate it as a time to meet new friends, find great undiscovered goodies and review what we are bringing to YXE the following year.  But really, it is our only chance to meet face to face with all the incredible souls that create, make & share their world with ours.  We preach that 80% of our store are independents and it is.  This is the only chance we get every year to actually see half of them, in one place. 

So if you would like to see what we find, follow our Facebook Instagram for updates from New York.  We may even have a few live Periscopes from the show this year!

The 2016 Special Edition Lamy AL-Star - Charged Green January 06 2016

Each year Lamy creates a new special edition, limited production run, of their bestselling AL-Star series.

This year the latest colour is (drum roll please) – Charged Green!

And although it seems as though the Lamy designers are caught in a “green” loop after releasing the Safari Neon Lime last year, the Charged Green is already becoming a favorite on pen blogs and the internet since it was announced in December. The green is subtle, stylish and since it is an anodized aluminum, the green has been described as olive, pear, green apple or lime leaf. Either way, it is beautiful, and will certainly become a collectable as are all of the special editions.

The AL-Star is an aluminum pen with a semi-transparent barrel grip, a patented exchangeable nib (hot-swappable) and a spring-action metal clip. The original design dates back to the sixties but was truly re-introduced to the public in 1980 and has remained one of the best pens on the planet. The pen is extremely light weight, but very stout and robust. The little brother to the AL-Star , the Safari, shares the same nib and ink cartridge system and is given to grade schoolers in Germany. So for everyday use, they just keep performing.

This year, Soul Paper will be Pre-ordering and stocking the AL-Star Charged Green in fountain pen and roller ball, and of course, we will also have the limited edition inks in cartridge and bottles.
The AL-Star ’s and Safari’s will accept the Lamy Z24 converter or Lamy ink cartridges, and each series are sold with converters. We love how easy they are to fill from bottles.

Last year’s special edition sold out before production and this year is bound to be no exception. With this in mind, we are accepting pre-orders until January 29, 2016. So if you are looking to add to your Lamy collection, are in need of a very special gift for someone this year, or are thinking of Christmas gifts (it is only 353 days away!), give us a call and reserve yours today.

Blackwing Vol. 1138 December 15 2015

It has arrived, the third Limited Edition Volumes release, the Blackwing 1138.  It has been nicknamed the "sci-fi" pencil and film and science-fiction buffs know why. This pencil has a story to tell. Literally.

For the full story of this amazing pencil, Blackwing has a special post devoted to the process as well as other goodies here.

The Blackwing 1138 salutes A Trip to the Moon and all things sci-fi. The pencil’s striped barrel may appear random at first glance, but the sequence of blacks and grays is very deliberate.



Using a process known as movie barcoding, Blackwing condensed A Trip to the Moon into individual bands of color (shout out to Melvyn over at Arcane Sanctum for his awesome open source movie barcoding program). They then set out to put that onto a pencil. 

Soul Paper is thrilled once again to be a stockist for Blackwing/Palomino and are dedicated to stocking Limited Editions including the Vol. 1138. But supply is limited and with the holidays approaching, they are sure to become collectible in a very short time.

The Blackwing Pencil December 15 2015

As a curated stationery shop, we have an opportunity to hand pick all of our products. We also bring in what we can upon request. One of the requests was for the Blackwing series of pencils from Palomino and with pleasure, we have them in stock. Available individually and in full boxes.

We also stock the Blackwing Limited Editions, but only while they last.
- Limited Edition Chuck Jones (of Looney Tunes fame) available (only 5000 boxes were produced).
- Limited Edition 211 in honour of John Muir.
- Limited Edition 1138. The most unique to date.

For everyone at Soul Paper, having Blackwing in the store is a bit of nostalgia, as we all have been using them since our days in grade school, college or in our previous careers. The fact is, before the store opened, we had been ordering them online and using them sparingly. They are a staple in our personal studios and still dear to our hearts. And as soon as you pick one up, you remember something from your past, because they are so familiar.

Workshops and Stockrooms December 03 2015

There are times in a small business owner’s world, when you have to wear many hats. Sometimes, all at the same time. Whether those hats are for accounting, order entry, marketing, janitorial, valet, or computer-fix-it-guy (this list is really endless), our favorites are still stockist and paper-afflicted.

Definition of Stockist at Soul Paper:

- a curious individual that excels at receiving boxes shipped from all-over the world and then voraciously deconstructing said boxes to reveal the treasures inside. Imagine a woodchuck or beaver after a few espressos.
- likes Christmas in fast forward, every day and then some more.
- the sad part of this vocation ... not taking everything home.
- the saddest part of this vocation ... getting the Stockroom cleared of all this awesome stuff every night before it turns into a Workshop.

Definition of paper-afflicted:

- an excitable individual that expresses much appreciation for paper products, stationery, paper goods, bespoke gifts and books. Sometimes, expressing emotions to the point of excess.
- Commonly a known hoarder of notebooks, writing instruments, paper and greeting cards and/or all the equipment, knowledge and determination to create all the above from scratch.
- If this individual does not have the knowledge, will often go to extremes to obtain the education and will with vigor, share said knowledge with everyone, whether asked or not.

So why this blog? It’s the last line above … “share said knowledge with everyone”. We love sharing and that is what Soul Paper is about, you. What you can do. What you can share. Your power. Your spirit. Your soul. If we can share the ride with you while you find that creative spark, perfect!

We just completed 2 incredible workshops with our very good friend Mahshed of Paper Ocelot. The workshops were Beginners Modern Brush Calligraphy, and all the feedback has been overwhelming. Thank you.

So, as small business owner’s we will have to put on our planning and scheduling hats to plan more workshops. Actually … many, many more workshops. The response to these first 2 awesome classes has in fact, totally shocked us. But with the results of the participants during the workshops - Let’s just say, we are so happy you are having fun! And we are truly enjoying the ride!

The Day After September 06 2015

The list of people we want to thank for coming out in the rain and cold to celebrate our First Birthday is truly endless. Less it to say, thank you everyone, we love all you and we couldn’t have done any of this with without you. And if you follow on Instagram or Facebook, you would see the pictures, links to videos and fun everyone had. Please take some time to follow the links to others in our community too, as their posts on yesterday’s festivities are incredible.

Yesterday was also the opening of our workshop space! After a full year of threatening to open the space to the public, we finally have. This was a major milestone at Soul Paper as it signifies a real need for a space for our community to share, learn and grow. We are super excited for the first classes in calligraphy and mixed media. Watch the Workshop page here on our website for the October calendar.

We really hate ending our little blog posts with apologies, but to everyone signed up for a Newsletter … Sorry, it IS coming soon. We needed to focus on the build of the workshop and ensuring the great finds for the shop kept rolling in. We also have a few new faces around the shop and with the added support, will be focussing on Newsletters and Workshops. We may have now started a rhythm.

Thank you again for your Love and Support.

Happy Birthday to...US! August 30 2015

Yesterday (August 29) marked a very important day at Soul Paper! We turned 1! Can you believe it? One. Uno. Edg.

Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary!

This past year has gone so quickly. We have diligently worked on building our stock, supporting you the community and having fun.  Thank you for your support, love and kindness!

To celebrate this milestone, and to thank everyone, we are inviting you to our party on Saturday September 5, 2015. There will be treats, grab bags, libations (non alcoholic of course), an incredible in house prise draw and mini demos! We should also mention, that this will be the soft opening of our newly renovated workshop space!

We hope to see you!



Happy Mail August 22 2015

We keep referring to Happy Mail in the shop and whenever we are about town.  And even though we don't get a chance as often as we would like to practice what we preach, we still believe in it and promote it.  We are passionate about the written word and sharing with those we love, hand written notes, cards, letters and journaling always created with the care and attention they deserves.  Old school writing.  It means something.

Let me back-up.  Do you know what Happy Mail is?  You definitely know what Un-Happy Mail is.  Un-Happy is when you go to your mailbox and what is it you typically receive?  Bills. Flyers. Notices.  Paper like this usually doesn't really make you feel that great. This is Un-Happy Mail.

But every so often, and truly not often enough, we receive a card or even better, a letter.  It may be for a birthday, or it may be just because.  It may be from Mom or Grandma, or a long lost cousin or even an acquaintance.  And it makes us feel special.  It makes us feel loved. It means something.  It has substance.  This is Happy Mail. 

If I was to send you an email on your birthday, I guarantee, it will be deleted soon after the day. Because, technology has stripped us of our human connection to each other.  And yet, if I was to send you a card or letter, snail mailed to your postbox, I can guarantee, you would keep it longer than that email and you would read it more than once.  I can also guarantee, that it will touch your heart, even your soul.  This is the power of paper and pen.  This is the connection we are loosing touch with.  This is what a lot of us are looking for or missing.

This past week, Susan had the wonderful opportunity to speak with CKOM Talk Radio about the writing revolution we are experiencing.  Here is the radio interview Happy Mail


Thank you again Rawlco Radio Team & CKOM News Radio!


INK - Written by Hand (#INKdoc) August 11 2015

In the not so distant past, connections of the heart and soul were made through the simple use of pen and paper.  Business was conducted in these mediums too. We as humans went blissfully along accepting the new technological age not understanding the loss that has occurred, by simply trading pen and paper, for keyboard and screen.  There is an entire generation, if not soon to be two, which are lost to the world of handwriting.

A film by Ryan Couldrey delves into the writing renaissance that is upon us and features the incredible work of Tanja Tiziana.

Please, take a 7 minute break, follow the link below, and watch this truly incredible film.

Long Hot Summer August 03 2015

When we say long hot summer around the shop, it is usually with the rolling of eyes and a tongue firmly planted in a cheek.  We don't really have air conditioning, but we do.  The building as old as it is (built in 1910) has quite a lot of charm, but not the most efficient of cooling systems. So the little air conditioning unit we installed to provide some relief is doing a sufficient job.  It's the little engine that might ... depending on the temperature outside.

When we say long hot summer around the shop, it sometimes means the extra-long hours we are putting in receiving our summer, fall and now Christmas stock.  Yes.  Christmas in July.  We set a standard, almost a year ago, to keep the shop ever changing with new products.  To this promise, we are delivering.  Sometimes Daily.  The ladies in the shop really have their work cut-out for them.

The term "Long hot summer", is also used when we talk about our progress on construction. The long days and late nights working on the storeroom, workshop and office have taken its toll on all of us.  Especially when the little air conditioner that might, decides to not.  So yes, through shear tenacity, stubbornness and determination, the construction will be completed soon (thank you Mr. Contractor - we are tired of dust) and programs will be posted shortly.

But really when we say long hot summer, we smile and feel light of heart.  Because of YOU.  Even in the warmth of the old building, surrounded by great new stationery, while fanning ourselves with that brilliant birthday card, you stop in to say hello and linger to talk about the lake or that party you are going to. You stop, for a minute, to ask what's new. You stop. To breathe and share your time with us.  And that is why; it's a long hot summer.  That is why we do it.  For Community. That's You.

Thank you all for an incredible summer!

Lovin' on Ya February 02 2015

Phew!  It has been awhile since we posted on our blog.  Sorry about that.  Being new business owners has been interesting and very busy.  

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we thought we would send a little lovin your way. Thank you to everyone who supports our little shop and is helping it to grow and serve our community.  We love getting to know you and sharing your love of happy mail, writing and art. Without you we would be unable to do this and we sure appreciate your business.

We have run into some time delays in getting our workshop area up and running.  Please be patient, we promise it will be worth the wait!

Dirty Hands Happy Heart January 24 2015

This month we have been pining to get into the workshop/studio, crack open some acrylic paints, dirty up some brushes and get our hands dirty. Every year, around this time, when the cold of winter has settled in and the snow is still on the ground, we yearn, as many artists do, for that embrace of creativity. Although we have had snippets of creativity and a smattering of inky hands and sticky paper, it has not been the same this year.

We have been creative in other ways ... with our minds planning workshops, events and tradeshow travel with our team and supporters, like you.  With notepads with our vendors, suppliers and other creatives that supply us with great products.  But mostly, we have been creative with saws, and hammers, and paint, and wire, and wood. To be honest, we are physically putting the finishing touches on the workshop. We want it just so when we officially open to the public. 

We are so close to opening, that we have had to re-organized our art supply area, to make room for all the new products (yep ... gonna use em in the workshops!). Had to source and found a large format paper storage unit (thanks to Mid Mod Vintage & Hidden Stitch). We even scored a few other display units from some other businesses (thank you Periwinkle). There has been a ton of work in the back ground that will be revealed soon.

But in the meanwhile, come on in and check out the updated Art area! We are sure you will find something worth dirtying your hands with.


Gentlemen ... Start Shopping! December 20 2014

Ah Christmas.  That time of year when a majority of the male population trudge from crowed shopping mall to crowded shopping mall looking for the ultimate gifts for the loves of our lives. And in the end settling for what is left on the shelves or stopping at the gas bar on the 24th because we have left it all to the last minute, just to avoid the mayhem.  I personally will never live down the wiper blades and butane lighter Christmas.

You have 5 days left.  So from one guy to another, I am going to make this a little easier for you. And by the way, there will be no chaos.  This is a calm, one day journey without that buzz normally associated with Christmas shopping at a mall.

Go to Riversdale in Saskatoon.  It’s not like it used to be … trust me.  And the downtown shopping district does not stop at Idylwyld.  Just man-up and hit up 20th Street.

Stop at, or and make your list while enjoying an awesome cup of joe!  How stressful is it to start shopping at a café?  Next would be the storefront for in the 220 for some custom printed wearables that are truly one of a kind. It is right next door to collective coffee.

Need that special home décor item?  Then check out or If they don’t have that unique one of a kind gift then will.  You can also pick up that wreath for the door or center piece for Christmas day too!  But before you leave Anthology, go to the back of the shop, and hit-up for the best pastries and treats.  You don’t want to miss this stop!

At some point, you will need to plan a “date night”.  And in all seriousness, you should just book a reservation at,, or  No better way to say “I love you” at Christmas than picking up flowers and making a reservation for the New Year.  Just remember to book that sitter!

Of course, you should stop by and get your wrapping, cards, paper, ribbon, books, or a one of a kind stationery gift.  We can definitely help you find something awesome.

And to end your trip … MEAT.  Yes charcuterie items like Prosciutto, Chorizo and incredible cheeses all at  You will need a tray of cold cuts to take home and why not a sandwich to end your day of difficult shopping. 

There are even more shops than I can mention here and this is only the first block of 20th in Riverdale.  And I can hear you now, 1 block, shopping all done and this was a tough day of shopping.  No noise.  No chaos.  No bedlam.  And a meat ending. 

So relax and … Merry Christmas Gentlemen.  ap.

Soul Paper Loves YXE & Riversdale October 15 2014

When we opened our store in Riversdale at the end of August we did it quietly, as a soft opening.  We were so pleased because Saskatoon and Riversdale embraced us.  It was much like that bear hug you get from that friend you haven't seen for a very long time.  For that, we blush as we say, Thank you.  You have truly welcomed us and made us feel needed and wanted.

Over the last several weeks, we have placed special orders, sped up other orders and sought after even more unique and one of a kind paper products, pens, journals, books and just cool items that seem to be craved.  We knew that we personally needed a shop like Soul Paper, and are so happy you feel the same way too!

The workshops are being planned.  The newsletter is developing and we are beginning to grow.  Please follow us on Facebook and continue the posts on Instagram.  But most of all, keep coming in and let us know what you are looking for or what you like.  Because after all, Soul Paper is community based and here for you.

Feed your soul everyday. 


Featured September Artist "Katie Leamon" September 26 2014

Big congratulations to our September featured artist Katie Leamon! 

Fresh from a stint at the Top Drawer London show ( she will be available at Anthropologie too!

We always knew the team at Anthropologie had good taste.  But they keep copying us!

Check Katie out at or on Instagram @katieleamon.  Or just come in to soulpaper!