LAMY Limited Editions

Introducing the new 2020 Lamy Safari Special Edition...Candy!

What brings as much joy as a bagful of candies? And without the sugar hit. The new Special Edition LAMY Safari Candy.  The fresh trio, is composed of Violet, Aquamarine and Mango.  A tribute to colour.

The expressive and colourful look is underlined by a matte surface and special tone on tone colouring, all details matching the body colour of the pen.

If you are looking for a matching ink, for Violet and Aquamarine you’ll find the right shades in the standard range of Violet and Turquoise.  For the colour Mango, a special new ink of the same name was launched in a strong yellow-orange.

Lamy once again proves the timelessness of the Safari series.  Unchanging in design, the model has reappeared again and again over the decades, each time with a new character and in new collectable colours.

As with our standard pen offerings in our shop, all our pens include a converter unless otherwise noted.