Do you suffer from notebook acquisition syndrome (NAS)? 

Does this sound familiar?  “I love notebooks, I have so many though.  They are just too pretty to write in; I want to find a special use for them.”

I’m the same way, I love notebooks!  So much so that I think I might have caught NAS myself.  At Soul Paper I get asked often “What are people using notebooks for nowadays?” So, with summer days, festivals and time at the lake just around the corner, I thought I would share a few ideas for summer fun.

Bullet Journaling is hot right now. It is a planning and journaling system that can be customized to the way you organize your life.  Some people fancy it up with brush lettering and various coloured markers to make their journal more personalized.  This would be a great pastime for your quiet days at the cabin.

Travel Journaling is another popular one.  This type of journal is great for keeping track of the wonderful places you have visited.  Traveler’s Notebooks® were created for this purpose as there are various notebooks within the leather cover to fill with all the details of your trip.  These notebooks slide in and out of the leather cover and are easy to replace. Some people include pictures, ticket stubs, places they ate and sketches to remember their trip.  However TN’s have become daily carries for many people as they can separate the different aspects of their life into separate notebooks.

Art Journaling is a wonderful way to get your creative time in while also journaling your thoughts and desires.  Art journals are usually created using collage, paints, ephemera and pretty much anything else.  It is a place for creative exploration.  Some people Bible Journal in the same way to express how the scripture has spoken to them.

Have you heard of Morning Pages?  These became popular through the book “The Artist’s Way”  by Julia Cameron.  The idea is that when you awake in the morning you sit down and write without thinking.  This is called stream of consciousness writing.  This type of writing allows our thoughts to flow, uncensored which opens our minds to different possibilities such as opening a little shop called Soul Paper ;o) She suggests writing 3 pages each morning. 

Although notebooks and journals are primarily used for writing down our day to day musings, schedules and lists, there are so many other uses.  Here are just a few suggestions:

Gratitude Journal

A Line A Day Journal

Dream Log

Habit Trackers

Event Journal

Family Journal

Gardening Log

Creativity Journal

Bucket List Tracker

Quotes Lists

Hobby Journal

Concert/Music Journal


Drop into our shop for more ideas on how to use your acquired notebooks.

Writing is such a great way to learn more about yourself.  This summer, enjoy some time documenting your life.


Susan's articles are also featured in Flow Magazine (Saskatoon).

June 06, 2018 — Susan Gallagher