MASK UPDATE December 1, 2022 ~ Masks are NO longer a requirement to visit our shop, but are welcomed.  In fact, if you need a mask during your visit but are caught short, we will still provide one.

To continue doing our best to help everyone feel safe and comfortable in our shop, including our awesome team, and the immuno-comprised members of our families, OUR TEAM will continue to wear masks while maintaining our ongoing Covid-19 Protections. 

An overwhelming majority of you have shared with us that you feel safer masking and we will continue to welcome you to do so. We actually really appreciate it too!

We will still be asking you to hand sanitize when entering and remaining in our shop. We will also continue to be mindful of how many people are in the shop at one time.

If You Are Feeling Unwell:  Please refrain from entering the shop. This includes but is not limited to; being a close contact to someone with Covid-19, experiencing symptoms or testing positive for Covid-19 yourself. If you feel you are a risk, sick or are staying at home, we are continuing with our curbside pickup and in town delivery.  Our online shop is open 24/7.  If there are items you cannot find online, please give us a call at the shop...kickin' it old school 😉

If you do feel unsafe shopping with us without others masking, please email us or call the shop as we do make special arrangements.

Thank you everyone for all your continued support through our Covid-19 journey as we continue to protect the vulnerable in our community and at home while still doing our best to keep our doors open.  It may not seem like it to you, but keeping our doors open has been and continues to be a tough journey. So again we say, thank you for your support.


We appreciate your understanding and respect as we do what we feel is right to support our team and maintain a safe place for our wonderful customers.  We are all tired and stretched thin, and bullying, abuse or any malicious conduct is not welcome.  Please be kind.

Kindness and feeling respected, matter.

Soul Paper
We sanitize "touched" surfaces after every guest.
We all have a social contract of respect with one another.  As such, *Verbal abuse, *threatening language or *gestures will NOT be tolerated and you will be required to leave. 

*Soul Paper reserves the right to cancel your appointment at any time.