UPDATED March 1, 2022 ~ we are OPEN for Walk-In traffic with masks or you may book an Appointment to guarantee time to shop, use curbside pickup or use our local delivery.

On February 28, 2022, the Saskatchewan Government lifted all COVID safety protections in the province.

Thank you everyone for all your continued support through our COVID journey.

To continue doing our best to help everyone feel safe and comfortable in our shop, including our awesome team, we will be keeping our COVID Protections in place until we feel more confident about the safety of our community as a whole.  This was also in line with an overwhelming majority of you, our supporting community, stating that you would feel safer if we retained our same protections as well.

As a reminder:

Masks, covering both your mouth and nose, and hand sanitizing are required for everyone entering and remaining in our shop.

We will continue to be mindful of how many people are in the shop at one time.

Please refrain from entering the shop if you are a close contact to someone with Covid, are experiencing symptoms or have tested positive yourself.


We appreciate your understanding and respect as we do what we can to support not only the physical health but also the mental health of our team and maintain a safe place for our wonderful customers.  We are all tired and stretched thin, however, bullying is not welcome here.

If you do not want to wear a mask etc. or are staying at home, we are continuing with our curbside pickup and in town delivery.  Our online shop is open 24/7.  If there are items you cannot find online, please call the shop.  We are happy to help you find what you are looking for.

Please stay kind as we all find our new comfort zones.

Kindness and feeling safe, matter.




- Have fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, new muscle ache, headache or a sore throat.


- We require that you do as well during your visit.


- Sanitizer is provided, please sanitize your hands when you enter our shop and when you leave.

- You also have the option of wearing gloves.


- The total number of guests in the shop at one time is     limited.  Please double check Google for slower times.

- We ask that you maintain distancing of 6 feet (2 metres).

Please be on time for your appointment to prevent losing your spot, as there is minimal time between bookings.
We sanitize "touched" surfaces after every guest and are trying our very best to keep everyone safe in our shared space.
We are cautious but we are NOT mistaking inconvenience for oppression with our policies.
We all have a social contract of respect with one another.  As such, Verbal abuse, threatening language or gestures will NOT be tolerated and you will be required to leave. 

*Soul Paper reserves the right to cancel your appointment if deemed necessary.