"The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best". – Henry Van Dyke

I have a confession to make.  For years I didn’t do much creatively because I compared myself to others, thinking I just didn’t have the “artist” gene.  “Who am I to think I can do this?” I would ask. “I’m not an artist”.  I hear this a great deal in the Shop. The thing is we are all artists!  Think back to when you were young.  Everything was a world of imagination.  A leaf poked onto a toothpick which was then stuck in a twig suddenly became a boat sailing down the river in the wake of a rain shower on your street.  Don’t you yearn for those carefree days?

You can have them!  The youthful imagination still lives in each of us.  I encourage you to have some fun with this one big beautiful life of yours.  Do something that scares you a little bit.  Take those classes you wanted to take.  Get your hands full of ink and paint.  Find your creative voice, the voice that brings you joy and peace.  Even if you are judging yourself or comparing yourself, do it anyway.  You will be so glad you did.  But, if you need a cheerleader come talk to me, I’ve got your back.

Creativity is different for all of us.  It may be writing that sets you on fire.  Perhaps it’s singing or sewing, dancing or drama.  Being an artist isn’t about drawing or painting, not with a brush at least.  It’s about exploring your imagination and expressing it in whichever way you desire.  Every voice singing in the woods comes together to create a beautiful song.  So, yes, you are an artist.

Our fall classes will be up on our website www.soulpaper.ca soon to inspire you.  And don’t forget to feed your soul every day.  You are so worth it.

Original (unedited) article as seen in FLOW Magazine - Saskatoon.
(untitled) 2 year - Community/Open Workshop Project - This was all you Saskatoon! Thank you!
September 20, 2017 — Susan Gallagher