My mother used to say, “Get on your winter woollies so you don’t catch the chill!  And while you’re out there, shovel the walk!”  Welcome to Canada where from the first frost to the first thaw of the year, we bundle ourselves up like Arctic explorers to keep some normality in our daily routines.  In our small corner of this frozen world, it also means making adjustments and considering a couple of things when ordering ink online, just so we can write letters to Santa.
  • From October to April, (Winter shipping) if you place an order with us containing ink – ink bottles, charger kits or ink cartridges (including the ink that would normally arrive with a pen) your order will be delivered to the closest postal outlet for pick up. Your delivery hero should leave a card letting you know when it will be available for pick up but also where.  We include a tracking number with a majority of our shipments, but sometimes the post service gets behind and does not update their systems fast enough due to the holiday rush.
  • We ship primarily to warm Canada Postal Outlets to ensure inks do not freeze. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee what happens to your ink shipment after it leaves Saskatoon.  But we try our best to help it get to you unscathed.  Even if you are in an apartment/condo, or know that someone will be home to meet the delivery hero, we cannot ensure it will be safely in a heated truck, cargo box, airplane, scooter or rucksack at any point during its journey to you.  The best "ounce of prevention" we have found (short of ordering during the summer) is double packaging with hand cancelled deliveries.
  • Frozen inks expand, even at temperatures between 5°c to 10°c.  As the liquid expands it creates massive pressure on the bottle or cartridge. Remember what happens to a pizza pocket in a microwave?  The same thing happens to ink in the chilly confines of our awesome stationery boxes, just in the back of a truck or in a mailbox.

Ink orders during this Winter shipping period, is at your own risk!

  • Soul Paper assumes NO responsibility for lost and/or damaged orders when ordered with ink during this time.
  • We try our very best to protect your shipment to the best of our ability. However, once your shipment leaves our hands, it is subject to differing package handling protocols in each town, city, province, state or even country, so your ink may be subjected to unforgiving temperatures.
  • We are a micro business and do the best we can. We are constantly improving our shipping practices. As such, we may siphon a small portion of your ink into a small vial to protect the bottle(s) from cracking or expanding.  This is done at our discretion.
If you want to save all this trouble of shipping during winter … drop into our shop!  Even if you are from out of town!  Saskatoon is a great place for a Canadian vacation during winter too!  Ice fishing. Skating at the hotel Bessborough winter garden. Sleigh rides, like, everywhere! Oh yea, and the best hot bannock on the prairies!  Don’t even get us started on how good the Saskatoon berry port is!