Everything about a letter, card, or small hand-written note screams “somebody cares,” and sometimes it even says “Somebody loves me.”  The knowledge someone took the time to sit down and write to you and find a stamp and send it, the name and address in familiar handwriting, the fancy paper. It is not often that these letters are discarded either.  They are cherished, stashed away, and kept in a safe place, because they often mean so much more to our hearts.

So, when you write someone a letter, you’re literally sending happiness into the world.  You are connecting on a much deeper level than any technology would ever be able to achieve. At Soul Paper, we choose to celebrate by writing 30 letters every April to challenge ourselves daily to make our world a better place. Plus its a way to simply make others feel great about who they are.

“Kick it old school” by writing a letter is so soulful, and we love that these are tangible gifts, whether written with love, admiration, or simply as a heartfelt thank you.  It really does help to have something physical to look at to remind yourself of that person’s love and affection for you.  That is why we dedicate a month to letter writing:  to ground us all back to what really matters … each other!

So, clear off a space on your desk, fill a mug with your best pens,  stock up on stickers, paper, envelopes, and washi tape, and let’s warm someone’s heart!

30 Letters

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