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Official YXE Kick-off of National Letter Writing Month

We are hosting our Fourth Annual Saskatoon Kick-off & Stationery Swap to celebrate National Letter Writing Month and the Write_On Challenge. Join us as we prepare for a month long abandonment of technology and embrace Happy Mail.

What is Happy Mail? You definitely know what Un-Happy Mail is. Un-Happy mail is what you typically find in your postbox. Bills. Flyers. Notices to appear in court.  Paper like this usually doesn't really make you feel that great. This is Un-Happy Mail.

But every so often (and truly not often enough) we receive a card or even better, a letter.  It may be for a birthday, or it may be just because.  It may be from Mom or Grandma, or a long lost cousin or even an acquaintance.  And it makes us feel special.  It makes us feel loved.  It means something.  It has substance.  This is Happy Mail.

Write_On is the quintessential month long celebration of Happy Mail! It is the re-discovery of connecting with someone without the use of sterile technology.  It is our chance to take a moment and show our commitment to one another.

Spend your last Saturday of March anytime from 11:00am to 4:00pm, putting pen to paper, using our vintage typewriter to write a letter, or starting your mailing list.  This is also our chance to gather, swap supplies* and connect.  Everyone** is encouraged to bring their envelopes, letter paper, note cards, washi tape, stickers, ribbons, stamps, ephemera or any other stationary supplies for a Stationary Swap!

Be part of the Snail Mail Revolution!

Keep the written word alive and continue using the hashtags #lovesoulpaper and #write_onyxe and share your photos with us on Instagram and Facebook.  And check out our blog too!

*Supplies are NOT provided but are available for purchase.
**Attendees are welcome to bring supplies for trade with other participants. Space is limited so please come early!