The Little Book of Watercolour Workshop


Our series of workshops are crafted to give you the confidence to experiment with various mixed media techniques.

The Little Book of Watercolour Workshop - with Heidi Guenther

Watercolour can be so fun and versatile but also intimidating. Bring a friend, grab some coffee and be prepared to get hooked!  Our instructor has some fun but pretty exercises to help you to experience watercolour, brush handling, some colour theory, working wet on wet, working in layers with other media and much more! We’ll create a colour wheel and pages full of stripes to help you to get to know the colours and to practice how to dilute your colour from full strength into a pale wash.

At the end of the class – you’ll decide what pages get bound into the book and what pages go into the recycling (wink)! We’ll add extra blank pages to your book to encourage you to continue to practise at home.

We estimate that your mini book will hold roughly 20 pages. We will use a Zutter binding system to create our book.

We hope that you’ll fall in love with our Stoneground Paint Company watercolours, just as we have, so our focus will be on becoming comfortable with using the watercolours in a relaxing and welcoming environment rather than rushing to complete exercises. This is a great class if you have an interest in watercolouring stamped images, landscape painting, illustration, etc.

We provide: all your supplies with the class fee and light refreshments.

Registration online or in store isrequired.

When:      Friday, October 18, 2019 - 6:30pm - 9:00pm.

Fees:       $50.
Where:    Soul Paper Workshop             
                118 - 20th Street West
                Saskatoon, SK.

All workshop participants will also receive 10% off any purchases made during the day of the workshop.

Materials are Included for this class.

We are so looking forward to sharing time with you!

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