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Celebrating the Season

Join us for a very special evening, Friday December 8, 2018.  Enjoy a social night with like minded paperlovers, all while completing your Christmas shopping and creating your own Wishlist for your special Santa.

Why will this be so much fun?

Well ...

- Local Wine.
- Local Food.
- Local Locals.
- Paper lover hobnobbery.
- Personal Shopping elves.
- Wishlist registry.
- And giveaways, of course.

Thats it?! Shopping? Food? Drink? Lovely Paper? Awesome people?

Oh NO.  There's more to come!  But you'll need to stay posted to our Facebook and Instagram feeds for more announcements and information!

So ... who's coming?

**(please note - we do not intend to be gender specific, offend or slight anyone in any way by using the terms "Ladies" "Men's" or any other term. In fact, every soul is beautiful and everyone is welcome.  Our primary demographic however, is women of all walks of life.  And the primary demographic that is most confused and lost in our little shop when shopping for them is, well, Men. Really, we are just trying to help everyone out.)