Bog Oak/Chrome-Gold/Triton Fountain Hand-Turned Pen


The Ancient Bog Oak turned in this pen is from Ukraine and has been carbon dated to 5400 years old (3400 BC).

The retrieved oak had been lying for thousands of years at the bottom of rivers or in the layers of the ground at the depth of three to seven metres, devoid of oxygen. Tannin, which remains in the wood, reacts with the salts of iron. As a result, the oak acquires unique physical properties of dark colour, extreme firmness and longevity (semi-petrified). FSC certified retrieval of the wood with a carbon dated certificate from the University of Laval (Quebec) ensures the wood authenticity.

No trees were damaged or destroyed in the process of harvesting the olive wood. And all woods are conflict-free.





Pannell Pens

Pen Type:


Grip Type:

Triton Large


Dark (Black) Wood/Natural


5000yr+ Bog Oak/Wood

Internal Material:

Brass or Bronze Barrel

Fittings Finish:

Plated Gold/Chrome

Cap Type:

Screw/2 rotations/Postable

Ink Type:

Bottled, Universal/Standard cartridges



Nib Size:

Western Medium/0.5mm

Nib Colour:


Nib Material:

Plated Steel/Coated Gold Finish