Blackwing Volumes 73


Blackwing Volume 73 is in tribute to Lake Tahoe. It is a place of both breathtaking natural beauty and perilous unpredictability. A place that stands at the front line of the age-old conflict between the natural world and the encroachment of civilization. The lake's blue colour began to disappear in the late 60's and its secchi depth (a unit to measure clarity) rapidly decreased to 66.6 feet by 1997. The lake's beauty, a source of inspiration from the 19th century Romantics was fading. Only through aggressive conservation efforts has begun to bring back the remarkable clarity of Lake Tahoe.

Volume 73 features a Tahoe blue finish and raised texture that mimics the lake's topography. The number 73 references Lake Tahoe's last measured secchi depth of 73 feet. Each pencil features a silver ferrule, white eraser, white imprint and a soft graphite.