Blackwing Volumes 16.2


Blackwing 16.2 is in tribute to Ada Lovelace. Ada showed great skills for mathematics and an ability to make creative connections between seemingly desperate things and ideas. She described this ability as "The Discovering Faculty." Ada wrote her own thoughts and notes on Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine computer while translating articles. These notes are considered to be the first complete computer program, earning Ada the title, "The prophet of the computer age."

The 16.2 features a matte white finish and black matte ferrule, inspired by the simple styling of early personal computers. The graphite is firm, perfect for both mathematics and writing. The number 16.2 is a nod to the Analytical Engine's storage capacity of 16.2kB. The backside of the pencil features a binary stamp of the initials Ada used to sign her work, AAL.