Bethlehem Olive/Gold/Sedona Fountain Hand-Turned Pen


Made with authentic FSC certified Bethlehem Holy Land olive wood, this pen is turned from the same Biblical wood of trees that have been bearing fruits in the Nativity town of Bethlehem since the time of Jesus.

A certificate accompanies it, assuring it is authentic Bethlehem Holy Land olive wood.  This natural raw material is produced from the pruning/fall clippings of young olive trees.  These sprouts from the trunks of the old and unproductive trees, is an essential process to ensure the healthy growth of the trees and to ensure environmental stability of the orchard.

No trees were damaged or destroyed in the process of harvesting the olive wood.




Pannell Pens

Pen Type:


Grip Type:

Sedona Fine


Lt. Wood/Natural


Bethlehem Olive Wood

Internal Material:

Brass or Bronze Barrel

Fittings Finish:

Plated Gold

Cap Type:

Screw/1.5 rotations/Postable

Ink Type:

Bottled, Universal/Standard cartridges



Nib Size:

Western Fine/0.3mm

Nib Colour:


Nib Material:

Plated Steel/Coated Gold Finish