Stoneground Watercolours - Landscape - Large Palette


Stoneground watercolour paints are 100% crafted by hand using only the best quality pigments available. Made in small batches, the pigments are ground and bound using pure gum Arabic, and all natural Saskatchewan sourced wildflower honey. This natural honey is what gives the paints a very fluid and smooth consistency.

By adopting traditional paint making techniques, Stoneground paint delivers consistent amazing results in depth, clarity, brightness and luminosity. And as the paints are “organic” they will only enhance your glazing techniques.

  • Single pigment - One of the many advantages Stoneground paints is they are single pigments. Brilliant colours can be achieved with our single pigment paints.
  • Hey, Honey! - Locally sourced organic honey is used as part of the binder recipe. The advantage of the honey is that it creates a beautiful smooth consistency to our paint.
  • Gum Arabic - Only the world’s best pure gum Arabic is used to create these amazing, vibrant paints.
  • Fourteen (14) Half Pans per tin.

    Half Pans included in this Set

    • Hansa Yellow
    • Lemon Ocher
    • Mars Orange
    • Naphthol Red
    • Genuine Indian Red
    • Bordeaux
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Mayan Royal Blue
    • Cobalt Aquamarine
    • Mayan Green
    • Hooker's Green
    • Nicosia Green Earth
    • Raw Umber Green Shade
    • Grey Ocher

     (large half pan metal tin included)