We Turned 2!!! September 13 2016

For those of you that missed our quiet celebration, Soul Paper turned the corner and turned 2 on August 29.  Sorry if you missed the small party on September 10. It was great to see those of you that caught wind of it.  We kept in quieter than our first year festival/spectacle but none the less, we indeed needed to celebrate.

Our second year was big. We expanded our offerings, found new independent vendors to work with, ramped up then ramped down our workshop offerings and grew our team slightly larger.  We also met and shared time with people from all over the world. But best of all, we shared global with the locals.

While writing this post my heart is warmed with all the love and support that has come our way. And even though we are all still recovering from all the preparations and subsequent celebrations for last Saturday’s party, I am in ever awe of all the wonderful people that have made our little shop successful in our second year.  We cannot say thank you enough, but will continue to.

We really could not have pulled off the party without our friends, tribe, family and staff of incredible women. So thank you;

  • Mahshed for the best chalk signage and workshop session ever. Yes. Mind. Blown. Love you girl.
  • Brad for all the late nights, ladder work, balloon placing, emergency errands, coffee runs and of course, just being you. Truly a gentle giant and a true friend.
  • Sharon and Mom for stuffing bags, window display tweaks and all your emotional support even though family had something else very important and heartfelt to prepare for at the same time.
  • Marc for his mad maker skill, late night production runs and for just being insanely cool.
  • Robyn for keeping Marc in line and giving us a well-deserved break when we all got punchy.
  • And Alexa, Kyla and Jacqueline for preparing the shop with the utmost care and attention.

In the end, the little party, open workshop and little treat bags was just our little thank you to anyone going out of their way to support us.