December Mail December 08 2019

One of the most fun times of the year at Soul Paper is when we receive the beautifully hand-lettered and written notes from the creative small businesses we work with, showcasing their new cards and stationery.  It reminds me of Christmas! 

Every day during the month of December we would receive one or many cards in the mail.  It was exciting!  The hand writing was always beautiful and don’t get me started on the stamps and stickers! When the first card arrived, I knew that the season had begun.  By Christmas we would have thought up many creative ways to make sure every card was part of our holiday decorations.

Receiving cards in the mail is no longer a day to day occurrence.  Because of this, receiving a card in the mail has been elevated in its status.  A card in the mail is Special (with a capital S).  So at this time of year when the Christmas spirit fills the air and our hearts are kinder, receiving a card in the mail is like receiving a gift.  It’s a gift that says “I’m thinking of you”, “You are important to me”, “You matter”.  This one card that you took the time to send and maybe even add a letter to, will become part of the Christmas celebrations for those you love.