Autumn's Arrival September 13 2019

The month of September is associated with many things but in Saskatchewan, it tends to conjure up images of kids going back to school while combines comb the field for the year’s harvest. Here at Soul Paper, we like to think that just because you’re no longer in school, that doesn’t mean that you should stop learning. That’s why we have a great lineup of fall workshops led by talented instructors that we’re so excited to offer.

Fall is such a busy time of year so our workshops allow you to take some time for yourself to slow down and create. We all know that we can’t pour from an empty cup, and in the age of burnout and information overwhelm it’s more important than ever to take some time for yourself to recharge. Our craft workshops are great ways to decompress by learning skills like the art of origami or the basics of watercolour. Or, if chatting with a supportive group of women is more your style, we have received rave reviews for our Sisterhood Sessions which we offer in partnership with Grounded Goodness.

As much as we don’t like to talk about it, winter is on the way. We are in the Canadian prairies, after all. One of the perks of learning a new craft or skill in the fall is that it provides you with a new hobby to explore on cold winter nights or weekends. On those evenings where the wind chill keeps you stuck inside and you can’t bear to watch another Christmas movie or baking competition, why not get out your watercolours or practice your calligraphy? Why not take it a step further and start making gifts for everyone on your list? Handmade gifts are the best gifts to receive! Origami snowmen for everyone! And, if you really want to impress the people on your list, we have November workshops to learn how to make Christmas tags and mini signs with hand lettering and floral illustrations.

Workshops are an easy and affordable way to make time for yourself as we head toward the end of the year. We strive to create a relaxed and pressure-free environment for all to enjoy. From our craft workshops to our Sisterhood Sessions and our Typewriter Pop-Up shop, there is something for everyone.


Cassandra Bumpus -  is one of the newest members to the Soul Paper family, an Ambassador for @thetiredgirlsociety , a contributor to @cfcanada ,an incredible writer, blogger, creator, maker, and truly an amazing soul!  Drop in to the shop and say hello.  Or follower her on Instagram @girlseekingjoy .