Workshops and Stockrooms December 03 2015

There are times in a small business owner’s world, when you have to wear many hats. Sometimes, all at the same time. Whether those hats are for accounting, order entry, marketing, janitorial, valet, or computer-fix-it-guy (this list is really endless), our favorites are still stockist and paper-afflicted.

Definition of Stockist at Soul Paper:

- a curious individual that excels at receiving boxes shipped from all-over the world and then voraciously deconstructing said boxes to reveal the treasures inside. Imagine a woodchuck or beaver after a few espressos.
- likes Christmas in fast forward, every day and then some more.
- the sad part of this vocation ... not taking everything home.
- the saddest part of this vocation ... getting the Stockroom cleared of all this awesome stuff every night before it turns into a Workshop.

Definition of paper-afflicted:

- an excitable individual that expresses much appreciation for paper products, stationery, paper goods, bespoke gifts and books. Sometimes, expressing emotions to the point of excess.
- Commonly a known hoarder of notebooks, writing instruments, paper and greeting cards and/or all the equipment, knowledge and determination to create all the above from scratch.
- If this individual does not have the knowledge, will often go to extremes to obtain the education and will with vigor, share said knowledge with everyone, whether asked or not.

So why this blog? It’s the last line above … “share said knowledge with everyone”. We love sharing and that is what Soul Paper is about, you. What you can do. What you can share. Your power. Your spirit. Your soul. If we can share the ride with you while you find that creative spark, perfect!

We just completed 2 incredible workshops with our very good friend Mahshed of Paper Ocelot. The workshops were Beginners Modern Brush Calligraphy, and all the feedback has been overwhelming. Thank you.

So, as small business owner’s we will have to put on our planning and scheduling hats to plan more workshops. Actually … many, many more workshops. The response to these first 2 awesome classes has in fact, totally shocked us. But with the results of the participants during the workshops - Let’s just say, we are so happy you are having fun! And we are truly enjoying the ride!