Father's Day Cards June 01 2016

I always give my mom two cards for any special event. One to make her laugh and one that tells her how much I love her while simultaneously reducing her to tears. Because, she always grabs me mid-sniffle to give me the bestest & longest hug. Sometimes for a minute or two.

But I never had that chance with my dad. He was always on the go and wasn't overly sentimental like mom. Which made it very tough to get him an awesome greeting. So much so that when I travelled, I would search smaller independent shops like ours, for that perfect card that I knew I would at the very least, make him laugh so hard, that he would literally stop and re-read the card. Even several times over.  Sometimes he would forget I actually got him a gift too.

That's one of the selection criteria for the greetings we carry at Soul Paper - Does it have the potential to make dad tear up, or at least make him laugh so hard he forgets about his favorite beer or that awesome tie I just gave him that he forgets to open.

But the greatest thing I learned before he past away, was that he hung on to every card I ever gave him. And if he didn't hang on to the card, he wrote the prose in a notebook. 

Thanks Dad.

Happy Fathers Day to all Dad's