Gentlemen ... Start Shopping! December 20 2014

Ah Christmas.  That time of year when a majority of the male population trudge from crowed shopping mall to crowded shopping mall looking for the ultimate gifts for the loves of our lives. And in the end settling for what is left on the shelves or stopping at the gas bar on the 24th because we have left it all to the last minute, just to avoid the mayhem.  I personally will never live down the wiper blades and butane lighter Christmas.

You have 5 days left.  So from one guy to another, I am going to make this a little easier for you. And by the way, there will be no chaos.  This is a calm, one day journey without that buzz normally associated with Christmas shopping at a mall.

Go to Riversdale in Saskatoon.  It’s not like it used to be … trust me.  And the downtown shopping district does not stop at Idylwyld.  Just man-up and hit up 20th Street.

Stop at, or and make your list while enjoying an awesome cup of joe!  How stressful is it to start shopping at a café?  Next would be the storefront for in the 220 for some custom printed wearables that are truly one of a kind. It is right next door to collective coffee.

Need that special home décor item?  Then check out or If they don’t have that unique one of a kind gift then will.  You can also pick up that wreath for the door or center piece for Christmas day too!  But before you leave Anthology, go to the back of the shop, and hit-up for the best pastries and treats.  You don’t want to miss this stop!

At some point, you will need to plan a “date night”.  And in all seriousness, you should just book a reservation at,, or  No better way to say “I love you” at Christmas than picking up flowers and making a reservation for the New Year.  Just remember to book that sitter!

Of course, you should stop by and get your wrapping, cards, paper, ribbon, books, or a one of a kind stationery gift.  We can definitely help you find something awesome.

And to end your trip … MEAT.  Yes charcuterie items like Prosciutto, Chorizo and incredible cheeses all at  You will need a tray of cold cuts to take home and why not a sandwich to end your day of difficult shopping. 

There are even more shops than I can mention here and this is only the first block of 20th in Riverdale.  And I can hear you now, 1 block, shopping all done and this was a tough day of shopping.  No noise.  No chaos.  No bedlam.  And a meat ending. 

So relax and … Merry Christmas Gentlemen.  ap.