Soul Paper Loves YXE & Riversdale October 15 2014

When we opened our store in Riversdale at the end of August we did it quietly, as a soft opening.  We were so pleased because Saskatoon and Riversdale embraced us.  It was much like that bear hug you get from that friend you haven't seen for a very long time.  For that, we blush as we say, Thank you.  You have truly welcomed us and made us feel needed and wanted.

Over the last several weeks, we have placed special orders, sped up other orders and sought after even more unique and one of a kind paper products, pens, journals, books and just cool items that seem to be craved.  We knew that we personally needed a shop like Soul Paper, and are so happy you feel the same way too!

The workshops are being planned.  The newsletter is developing and we are beginning to grow.  Please follow us on Facebook and continue the posts on Instagram.  But most of all, keep coming in and let us know what you are looking for or what you like.  Because after all, Soul Paper is community based and here for you.

Feed your soul everyday.